A friendly wager…part 3

Well, I have indeed found a taker for this week’s post-swap wager. Brats and Beer is a Wisconsin sports site that covers the Badgers, Packers and Cyclones. They are willing to participate in the friendly wager this week. Actually, I’m not sure its friendly this time. Check out the email I received notifying me they were interested-

I will accept your blogging wager on the UW – OSU game this weekend.
I am preparing my post of victory and triumph to send to you after
the mighty forces of Wisconsin carry the field on Saturday, but if
the unholy Buckeyes somehow manage to defeat the righteous and
powerful Badgers, you may submit a post on Brats & Beer proclaiming
power of Lucifer and his minion Tressel, or whatever other filth you
see fit to publish.

Game on, sucka!

It was the last part that threw me. Who says sucka? Anyway I am glad that we found a blog to keep the streak intact. I should probably start looking at Illinois blogs now. Any regular readers run an Illini blog?

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