The Return of Sasha

As promised Pat’s article about Sasha Pavlovic. 


As the Association kicked off its 2007-08 campaign last night many Cavs fans including yours truly was wondering what does this season hold for our reigning Eastern Conference champs. Oh boy, what a difference a night makes.

As this once called guru awoke opening day for the Wine and Gold, he made breakfast and tuned as he does every morning to Mike and Mike on ESPN2. As the ticker on ESPN2 ran across saying “Cavaliers and G/F Sasha Pavlovic reach terms on a 3 year deal”, the excitement for tonight’s game grew even greater. The terms are somewhere in the neighborhood of 5 million a year, not a bad deal for a weapon like Sasha.

Immediate reports say that Pavlovic may be at the game tonight, but will not play. During his hold out he was working out twice a day with a coach in his home country of Serbia Montenegro to maintain his condition to be ready when signed.

This does not make all the Wine and Gold’s problems go away, but this is definitely a step in the right direction. Cavs fans still await the signed of Anderson Varejao. Where sources close to both sides say they are not close, as Varejao’s camp is asking for about 10 million a year. I look for Varejao to be back in Cleveland by Thanksgiving.

Tonight’s game will not show who the real Cavs are, but instead will be a starting block, especially playing without the signed Pavlovic. Sasha gives LeBron and Co. another weapon as the defense of the Eastern Conference kicks off tonight at the Q.


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2 responses to “The Return of Sasha

  1. That was just plain ugly last night. I hope Sasha can provide a spark, because that team looked lifeless out there.

  2. Ah, a Sasha article. Love Sasha.

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