A Night to Forget

Pat is back for a recap of last night’s season opener. Let’s just say he is kinder than I would have been. Maybe it’s best to let him talk about it.

With all the hype, with all the emotion, with all the expectations the 2007-08 Cleveland Cavaliers barely showed up at Quicken Loans Arena last night. As the Wine and Gold opened their conference defense LeBron James opened up his fifth season a lot worse than he opened his first. The only bright spot in the game was Zydrunas Ilgauskas, who had 17 points and 18 rebounds.


With the town still abuzz about the resigning of swing man Sasha Pavlovic, the Wine and Gold proved that a lot of help was still needed. I heard an absurd assumption this morning on ESPN’s First Take by Skip Bayless. Bayless was saying that LeBron was no superstar, he brings down the Cavs team. What an idiot!!! As long as Cleveland has LeBron, they are a contender, however last night they were just bad. Why is it whenever an athlete has one bad game everyone wants to write them off? To quote Coach Herman Boone (Remember the Titans) “Let them play, let the boys play.” Don’t focus too long on this opening game Wine and Gold diehards.

Being the optimist that I am, I am taking two things away from this game. First, Cleveland started last season very slow, then bounced back and finished 2nd in the East a couple games behind Detroit. So 1 bad game in an 82 game schedule isn’t going to worry me yet. Second, Dallas started off 0-4 last season. Everyone wanted to write them off and pronounce them dead. They bounced back to obtain the leagues best record. Take these 2 scenarios for what they are worth.

0-1, with 81 games left. As long as the next 81 aren’t as bad (I don’t think they will be), the Wine and Gold will be again contending for a playoff spot and Eastern Conference supremacy.


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One response to “A Night to Forget

  1. I talked a little bit in my post on my site earlier this week about the dynamic that changes by having Gibson starting vs Pavlovic starting. You’re right, last year we started slow, but once we went to a starting lineup of Hughes, Pavs, LBJ, Drew, and Z, that’s when the team took off. I’m hoping that once Pavs gets back into the starting lineup, we can see that dynamic return.

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