Jackets stand toe to toe with champs



That was a physical hockey game. Again, let me throw out the disclaimer- I have been watching hockey for about two weeks. This was without question the toughest game I’ve seen the Jackets involved in. The Ducks are the defending champs and I guess I saw why. They can skate and throw down. They were relentless. The good news is that Columbus stood toe to toe and earned a point with a shootout loss. Fedorov missed an open net with his chance in the shootout, but was praised by announcers for a good game. Nash had a chance for a rebound shot late in the third, but was wide as well.

Fredrik Norrena started in the net for Leclair. Is it typical for a goalie to sit out in back to back games? Seemed like he was on a good streak. In the shootout Ryan Getzlaf’s shot was stopped by Norrena, but he didn’t seem to know that it was under his pad. He thought it had gone in, and was pleasantly surprised. His teammates laughed of course.

The Jackets have 16 points on the season and are currently sitting in the fourth position in the conference. They are off until Sunday when they host the Blues. This will be a tough week for Columbus, hosting St. Louis before going on the road to face Chicago on Wednesday, Detroit on Friday, and Nashville Saturday night.


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2 responses to “Jackets stand toe to toe with champs

  1. You’ve really only been watching the sport of hockey for two weeks? If that’s the case, welcome aboard and enjoy one of the greatest sports available that no one watches for some reason.

    A big reason Norrena started MAY have been the back-to-backs, but they were on the road and travel can have an impact as well. Plus, Norrena was by far the best goalie the Jackets had last season as well. However, it’s very obvious that Pascal Leclaire will get most of the starts this season. You don’t want to tire out your starting goalie.

    I just moved to Minnesota from Cincinnati so I’m certainly missing the Jackets but continue to follow them very closely as they are off to easily their best start in franchise history.

    Once the season moves along I’ll be posting more about the NHL and Columbus.

  2. I am completely honest about the amount of hockey I have watched. I have started to watch games in the past, but never got through a period. The most I ever watched was an all-star game probably 10 years ago. I may have watched that whole game.

    The Jackets just caught my attention a few weeks ago, and I find myself tuning in to see how they are doing. The last 2 games were on late after everything else was over and I just stayed up and watched. I’m not promising I’ll watch all the time, but I like what I see in this team.

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