Leclaire makes St. Louis sing the Blues

Since I’m in way too positive of a mood to write about the Cavs, let’s focus on the Jackets tonight, who are 5-0-1 in their last 6 games. They have the hottest goalie in the game, and a superstar in Steve er, Rick Nash. (Sorry, still thinking about the Cavs.)


Pascal Leclaire had a 21 save shut-out against the Blues Sunday night. Rick Nash scored his 10th goal of the young season on a beautiful play. Nash caught the puck in front and left of the net, then squeezed through traffic and dropped the puck on the ice a split second before sending it past Toivonen. Malhotra and Chimera each contributed a goal in the 3-0 win.

The win gives the Jackets 18 points, tied for second most in the conference behind Detroit. (Hooray! Another reason to root against a Detroit team!) As mentioned in an earlier post, the Blue Jackets have a tough week, but started it off right. They go to Chicago to face the Blackhawks Wednesday, then a match-up against the division leading Red Wings on Friday, and finally a trip to Nashville on Saturday. I’m going to guess that Leclaire sits that one out. Time to set the DVR. Get ’em Columbus!

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