Can a brother get some help?

LeBron James had a triple-double by the third quarter. It wasn’t enough to beat the Jazz.


Seriously. James had 32 points, 15 rebounds and 13 assists. Cavs lose 103-101. We’ll give Ilgauskas a pass, he had 18 and 14. He certainly did his job again. Oh yeah, he had 4 blocks to go with that. Gooden had a terrible shooting night, hitting only 2 of 11. Sasha Pavlovic finally started to resemble the Sasha we saw last year, with 17 points, but where was the defense Sasha? Daniel Gibson hit a few shots early, and fouled out with 12 points and 3 assists in over 30 minutes. Damon Jones was…well Damon Jones.

Once again the Cavs lost control of the game when James sat down for 3 minutes at the end of the third quarter. I don’t know what the answer is here, but I remember last year when James sat we saw healthy doses of Sasha penetrating and Zydrunas posting up. If Sasha isn’t up to speed why not throw the ball down low to Ilgauskas? He has been a machine so far this season. He is averaging 17 points and 14 boards a game.

Unfortunately, he is also averaging 35 minutes a game. That is 6 minutes more than his career average. In fact last year he averaged just over 27 minutes. This is bad news gang. This is Big Z breaking down later in the season bad news. Like maybe Christmas. Only three Cavs bench players saw any time last night. Three. Yes, if Larry Hughes and Donyell Marshall would have been healthy they would have played. I don’t think that would have helped us beat the Jazz however. The Cavs are going to be desperate for Varejao sooner than we think.

Watching LeBron do what he did last night I couldn’t help but think of Oscar Robertson. Because while LeBron played a tremendous game and can call that one of his 11 triple doubles, Oscar Robertson would have called that Wednesday. Maybe the Big O can still play a little. The Cavs could use an outside shooter and play-maker. At least for the 4 minutes when LeBron is on the bench. What do you think Oscar? Can you give us 4 minutes a night?


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6 responses to “Can a brother get some help?

  1. I especially agree with what you said about Z. It’s a shame his body can’t hold up, though, because Z is playing the best all around basketball of his career.

    The worst part of that game was the sloppy turnovers. It was unbelievably frustrating. But to lose like that on the road on the back end of back-to-back nights with games against a solid Western Conference team is nothing to be ashamed of. This team is getting better already. Just need to work on FT shooting and ball control.

  2. BraveSrRob

    Actually, the worst part of the game was James’s inability to hit a foul shot. He makes half of those he missed and that’s the difference in the game.*

    *I realize this would change how the last part of the game would be handled by either team, but still, 7/14 is unacceptable.

  3. JUUUUUST a little help would be nice. Not sure if this even qualifies, but the ABJ reports Webber is considering the Cavs.

    [throwing up all over himself]

  4. Wow. Webber huh? Does that qualify as help? It would help rest Zydrunas for about 8 minutes a game. Not sure I would like to subject LeBron to Webber’s attitude. Then again, maybe he would be ticked off at the Pistons enough to do something. Who knows. As long as he is willing to play for the minimum or close to it, then I guess he might give us something off the bench. That’s better than the other option I saw- Vitaly Potapenko.

  5. I do NOT want Chris Webber on the team. In the Detroit series last year, I felt great about our chances whenever Webber was on the court. But that being said, he can be a useful tool for Danny Ferry. Ferry needs to be extremely public about his “serious” negotiations with Webber. This will put even more pressure on Varejao to sign for the $6 mil/year deal the Cavs want to give him, because once we have Webber, there’s no way we offer anything close to $6 million anymore.

  6. kingjamesfan

    LeBron James had a spectacular average during that game. Maybe they lost the game, But King James proves to everyone how tough he is and how far he can go to put his team on the top.

    LeBron James fan

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