It’s Cy Young for CC

Indians starting pitcher CC Sabathia edged out Boston’s Josh Beckett for the American League’s Cy Young Award. Congrats Sabathia!


It’s official. Sabathia has become the first Indian since 1972 to win the AL Cy Young. (Gaylord Perry was the last Cleveland hurler to take home the prize.) did not publish the final tally, but ESPN reports that the Big Lefty won 19 of the 28 first place votes. Beckett indeed finished second, and Lackey finished third, receiving only 1 first place vote.

I speculated earlier in the season that because of Sabathia’s success this year it will be more difficult to keep him in Cleveland. I stand by that appraisal. Hitting the open market with a recent Cy Young Award will mean major bucks. Look at the money being thrown at lesser pitchers recently. There is no reason to believe that C.C. won’t be thrown Barry Zito type dollars. No way that offer is coming from Ontario St.

But instead of focusing on the negative today, let’s take a minute and celebrate a great season for Sabathia. 


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8 responses to “It’s Cy Young for CC

  1. I actually think the Indians might offer him Zito dollars, but they won’t give him Zito years. That’s going to be the tough part. Shapiro and Antonetti aren’t afraid to spend money, they’re afraid to spend it over long term contracts. I’d be shocked if they offer more than 4 years with an option 5th year, and I’m not sure C.C. can take that deal when someone else will surely offer him somewhere around 8 years.

  2. Let the whining from New England commence in 3…2….1….

  3. I just pissed myself! That was really funny…

  4. Speaking of which, the tag line for’s front page article- “The Red Sox can’t win ’em all.”

    What did I expect…

  5. Matt Gregory

    LOL @ Beckett. Maybe the Red Sox can fly his ex-girlfriend in to sing to him…”You are my sunshine…”

  6. I went fishing for comments from Red Sox fans. You were right Sarge. From Rob Neyer’s article “Sabathia was the obvious choice”-

    “Beckett was to only pitcher in the AL to reach 20 WINS!!!!!! Anyone who thinks C.C. SHOULD have won this they are Nuts. Beckett got Robbed!!!!!!! Beckett was clearly the better pitcher all season long. The league owes Beckett and all Red Sox Nation a appology.”


  7. I have to agree with rick15 Beckett got robbed. sabathia could not carry Beckett’s jock.

  8. Hello paratrooper, try and keep up ok! I was quoting a Red Sox fan whining. I wrote the article above!

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