Running on empty…

6 games in 9 days caught up to the Cavs last night, who simply ran out of gas.


After a good win against the Clippers, the Cavs were spent when they arrived in Denver. Obviously the Nuggets played well. Allen Iverson was shooting the roof off the building, Carmelo got his and J.R. Smith came off the bench for 29. Those three accounted for 88 points. For the Cavs’ starters it was LeBron with 27 and (crickets chirp) nobody.

It didn’t help that Larry Hughes was ejected after arguing about fouls after 4 minutes. Daniel Gibson was abused in the post, and once again found himself in foul trouble (a disturbing trend early this season). Zydrunas was playing with lead weights around his legs, after playing 39 minutes in LA. I’m telling you, we cannot play Z this many minutes a game. The injury watch is on for Z.

So this one was basically over at the half. The Nuggets had a 15 point lead, Hughes was ejected, Sasha wasn’t playing with back spasms, Gibson was in foul trouble, and the Nuggets were basically employing the hack-a-LeBron defense. Ballgame. At least Zydrunas got to sit out the 4th quarter. Hopefully the Cavs can get energized before tomorrow’s game in Cleveland. They will need their A game to beat the Magic, who pounded us in China in the preseason.

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One response to “Running on empty…

  1. What bothered me the most was the 120 points we gave up. I expected our offense to be flat in this game, but that defensive performance was just awful. We had no answer for AI, as he completely schooled Gibson all game long. One of the ugliest Cavs games I’ve seen in a long, long time. Hopefully some home cooking will serve the guys well.

    Also, I couldn’t agree with you more about Z. It’s unfortunate, because Z has looked better than he has since he came back from all the foot injuries, but he’s going to wear down so quickly if he keeps logging these kind of minutes.

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