Eric Wedge- AL Manager of the Year

I have to admit- I never thought I would type that sentence.


Over the past year I have been a little critical of the performance of Wedge. This team doesn’t advance runners like they should, and they strike out way too often. In addition, he worked Sabathia and Carmona probably more innings than they should have. The Indians paid for it in the off-season. I hate the way he pulls Hafner in the seventh inning in tight games.

That being said, the Indians finished tied for the best record in baseball. Does that mean he deserves the Manager of the Year? Probably not, but I can’t really say that anyone else deserves it more. Managing a baseball team is a lot different than coaching football or even basketball. Wedge puts the players on the field, and is at the mercy of what they do. He can instruct them, but when that slider comes in it is up to Peralta to lay off the pitch.

So, I will leave the decision as to who deserves the award to the professionals. And say congratulations to Eric for the honor. Here’s hoping he can push the right buttons next year.


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2 responses to “Eric Wedge- AL Manager of the Year

  1. teufelmann

    I definitely believe Wedge deserves the award. People overlook the fact that the team loves playing for him and that he has created a clubhouse so close you’d think it was a frat house. I’ve been just as critical of him, but I’m not arguing with the results right now. As far as working Sabathia and Carmona too much, I don’t think he had any other choice. The team was in some sort of race (divisional, home-field) for the entire season. These are professionals. Next year, the big 1-2 combo will be ready for the long haul of the postseason.

  2. Screw laying off the slider…I’ma gonna take it deep!

    – Jhonny

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