Next opportunity for Red Sox fans to cry comes at 2pm today

Major League Baseball will announce at 2pm today the American League Manager of the Year award. Most of the mainstream media has picked Eric Wedge to win the award over Mike Scioscia of the Angels, Joe Torre, and Terry Francona of the Red Sox. If Wedge wins the award we will of course congratulate him in a later post.

Unfortunately, instead of being able to focus on the individual achievements of the Indians. We are subjected to this. Now of course I didn’t go looking for that, I was led there by our good friends at The Big Lead. That was the only Cy Young story they ran. (Full disclosure- we sent them a link to our article.) In fact not only did they not run an Indian fan perspective, they didn’t mention anywhere that C.C. won the award.

But how about those Red Sox fans? Can’t even acknowledge that someone else might deserve the award over their guy. That is why the rest of the world hates you. Self-serving, pompous, arrogant jerks. Here, this should spoil your lunch.



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6 responses to “Next opportunity for Red Sox fans to cry comes at 2pm today

  1. Now they’ll all say that they won the WS so Francona should be CoY. Not factoring in the fact what each coach has to work with as well as the expectations set at the beginning of the season…

    FYI – I commented on that Sox site hours ago and it’s still ‘awaiting’ moderation…

  2. Number me among the 30% of pundits who think Josh was more deserving, sorry… with that said, CC had an outstanding season. Hey Sarge, sorry about the three hour delay in moderating your comment. I have a REAL job in addition to running the site… the comment was approved and responded to. FYI, I would never suggest Tito should be MOY – personally I think the team wins in spite of him. SOX1FAN

  3. I love how everyone assumes I get paid to do this, or that I don’t have a job for some reason. I’m the one without ads here. If you think that C.C. was somehow less deserving then fine, but bold headline “Beckett was robbed”? come on. Arrogance. Brash and self-centered. Thanks for your comment. Sorry I gave you any attention at all actually. I was more annoyed that the Boston side of the story seems to get more attention than the actual guy who won.

  4. To answer your question Dodger Blue I don’t allow comments with offensive language. And now I just don’t care for your opinion. Thanks for playing. Bye.

  5. rick and sarge,
    How long are you two cry baby going to whine over the beating the redsox gave you. cc could not carry beckett’s jock. I have no complaints about wedge winning the coach of the year. He started with the redsox.

  6. Whatever man. Go jump out of something.

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