Upon further review…

Um, that was crazy…


So here is the field goal that was no good, then good giving the Browns the opportunity to win in overtime. I have never seen something like that, the closet I can remember was the infamous Jacksonville bottle game. Perhaps that is the very thing Phil Dawson was talking about when he said in his post-game comments, “Most of the time the Browns don’t get those calls.” Too true Phil.

Truth be told, I’m not ready to write a post, because I had already accepted defeat in this game. Thank you Josh Cribbs, who is certainly looking like a Pro-Bowl player. As for the rest of the Browns, the jury is still out.


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4 responses to “Upon further review…

  1. teufelmann

    When I first saw that the field goal was called no good, I was ready throw my TV out the window and cause a slight killing spree. I’m glad Phil said that – it looks like the clouds are beginning to open up for the Browns.


  2. dave . . .

    this is the exact opposite of the infamous dwayne rudd helmet toss game which turned a certain browns win into a heartbreaking browns defeat. this time “the baltimore bounce” turned a near browns loss into an improbable browns victory. all i can say is about damned time!!! hee-hee!!!

  3. no, no, no…it’s “upon further DISCUSSION.”

    And this game made my weekend.

  4. It’s hard to know exactly what to say about a game like that. I tried to just point out some of the positives and negatives in my recap. Frankly, at points, the team did not play well at all on offense or defense, but at the end of the day, they somehow managed to do JUST enough to get the win, and that’s the most important thing.

    Also, I loved the Phil Dawson quote. Who amongst us hasn’t said that time and time again? It was funny to hear a player actually say it as well.

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