Wow. So the Buckeyes have knocked Lloyd Carr out of a job, the Browns swept the season series against the Ravens, and I get to write a guest post on a Michigan site. Things are looking pretty good today.


So I wrote the wager post for Ghosts, we’ll send along a link when we see it up there. John is itching to write a Browns post, so we’ll defer to him. I will say this team is still quite immature. How scary will they be when they get it together?

The Buckeyes appear headed to Pasadena for only the second time in 20 years. Can that be right? It jut doesn’t seem possible that the last time we went to the Rose Bowl was Joe Germaine and the gang against Jake the Snake Plummer. I’m looking forward to it. And we’ll let Jeff from the Buckeye Battle Cry be the team cheerleader for the BCS title game. I prefer to be pleasantly surprised if they get there.

Lloyd Carr has stepped down. What will his legacy be? Well, I think it is quite simple really. Lloyd Carr > John Cooper. Jim Tressel > LLoyd Carr. That about sums it up I think. In the history of The Rivalry, Lloyd will now be linked with John Cooper. As good as Lloyd Carr looked when Cooper couldn’t get the job done, he looks that bad today. This group of seniors even came back to ensure that Carr’s legacy wasn’t tarnished. He had the more experienced group, playing at home, and he still lost. Todd Boeckman looked absolutely terrible. You can blame the weather if you want, but truth is he had that deer in the headlights look. No way he was going to make plays to win that game. He attempted 2 passes in the second half. His longest pass of the day was 15 yards! Despite that, the Wolverines couldn’t beat the Buckeyes.

So goodbye Carr. We’ll miss you. It sure was nice having the better coach by a factor of ten. Do I think Les Miles will take the job? I have no idea. Truthfully I don’t know that much about the man. I know LSU is a power, and he is the head coach. Would he be successful at Michigan? I can’t see why he wouldn’t be moderately successful at least. Whoever the new coach is, I think they would be wise to take a cue from Jim Tressel. When you step to the podium for the first time as the Michigan coach, you better talk about beating Ohio State.

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One response to “Too…much…happening…

  1. Urban Meyer has an out clause for Michigan, OSU, and ND. Imagine if UM somehow hired Urban. I think I would cry.

    I personally hope Les Miles takes the job. They say he’s exactly like Bo was. I think that would be good fo rthe rivalry, to have 2 coaches who both really embrace this rivalry and what it means to us all. Nothing will ever be Woody vs Bo, but Tress vs Les has a nice ring to it also, I think.

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