Dunk you very much…

Hope you have a great Thanksgiving. We’re thankful so many of you have made us a regular stop on the net.


Last night LeBron James and Kosta Koufos made Ohio proud with spectacular performances. For Kosta it was a coming out party with a national audience. He scored 24 and grabbed 9 boards. I don’t want to steal Pat’s thunder, so I’ll just say the Bucks looked better than the more experience, and ranked, Syracuse Orange.

As for LeBron? Ho-hum. Another 45 point performance. The Cavs get a win over hapless Minnesota. Doesn’t quite dull the sting of that home loss Tuesday. Can I just say that Zydrunas played 35 minutes against the Bucks and then 33 minutes the next day? Man, even the Cavs’ beat writers are starting to pick up on the trend we spotted three weeks ago. Big Z is logging way too many minutes.

Have a great day with family and friends. Don’t forget to set your fantasy line-ups!

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