So, we are at an impasse

Read an interview from ESPN’s Chad Ford today. He talked with Anderson Varejao from his home in Brazil. The article paints a bleak picture for the Clevelanders that are fans of the wild haired flop artist. It seems there is little chance of Varejao playing in Cleveland anytime soon. Ford spreads the blame around in the article. Apparently Danny Ferry has developed a reputation around the league for being a difficult negotiator.

In any case it seems the Cavs are unwilling to invest starter pay for a sixth man. I suppose you would be a little gun shy too if your recent track record with free agents has been Damon Jones, Donyell Marshall and Larry Hughes. But you know what you are getting in Varejao. We know what he is capable of, and how he fits in to the flow of a game. He doesn’t gripe about playing time (Jones), doesn’t care if he gets any shots at all, and plays tough, inspired defense. Certainly I don’t want to see the Cavs stuck with another albatross contract, but let’s face facts- the Cavs defense stinks out loud this year. Can it really be as simple as missing Varejao? Did he make that much of a difference? Was it a tone that he set when he was in the game? I can’t answer that question, but I can point to the numbers with and without him, and the Cavs are surrendering points at an alarming rate this year.



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4 responses to “So, we are at an impasse

  1. Ferry should mail him a tape of his running 360 layup off of front iron on loop to remind him how much he deserves to be paid…

  2. You mean this running 360 layup…

    *warning- language

  3. Sure, having him around helped, but there’s no way he’s worth what he’s asking for. I really think the original 5-year/$32 million offer was more than a fair price for a spot/bench player whose role is taking charges (especially when the refs are looking for floppers now)

  4. dave . . .

    the real villian in all of this is varejao’s agent, dan fegan. what a doofus. doesn’t he know the ins and outs of the collective bargaining agreement??? he has no leverage whatsoever as the cavs control a.v. even if he sits out all year or plays in europe. next year he would still be a restricted free agent. talk about cutting off your nose despite your face. who would ever want to hire this guy as their agent in the future??? come on, danny ferry. i hope you have the balls to stick to your guns. don’t give in whatever you do or the greedy a$$hole agent will win. that being said, i still would like to see them come to some sort of compromise and get varejao under contract. they sure could use his 6 points and 6 rebounds a night. oh, i almost forgot, the 2 or 3 flops a game he made too. can’t forget those from the so-called “22nd best player in the nba”. with such rock solid advice like that, no wonder fegan is an agent. no other profession would hire such a liar. hey, i rhymed. hee-hee!!! just think, if he would take the cavs 5-year $32 million offer, fegan would make $3.2 million. not a bad chunk of change for giving bad advice. i still find it rather amusing that ferry the gm is now having to re-live a similar situation that ferry the player himself went through when he was a rookie. he didn’t want to play for the clippers and held out for an entire year, played in europe before forcing the clippers hands in trading him to the cavs. what comes around, goes around.

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