Your comments appreciated

It’s great to hear back from the readers. There is a little burst of excitement when you click on your page and see that people have been talking about a subject that you brought up. I love the opinions that our regular commenters bring to the table. In my opinion this site wouldn’t be half as interesting without the likes of Sarge, RockKing, Dave, Teufelmann, Tom Blogical, Michael Beckwith, jbeanie, Jeff, tSoS20, and suckatsports. Thanks gang for making it more interesting around here!


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3 responses to “Your comments appreciated

  1. You’re welcome. I know I love it when I get feedback at my blog–when I do get around to posting.

    I also have to apologize for only commenting on the Buckeye posts–truth be known, I’m a Bengals and Reds fan, and not much of a Neanderthal Basketbrawl Association fan.

    Sigh. At least one Ohio team is “sniffing” the NFL playoffs. Meanwhile, I have to deal with the same old Bungles. Maybe the “Deads” will come back to life after hiring Dusty Baker–although they just recently spent waaaaay too much money on a reliever.

  2. In no specific order, I’m sure! I could talk about Ohio (Cleveland) sports all day long – no need to thank me!

  3. dave . . .

    i’m with sarge. this is a two-way street. you just keep writing good, thought-provoking articles and we will keep commenting on them. thanx!!!

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