The rich getting richer

Buster Olney is reporting that “the framework for a deal” is being constructed between Boston and Minnesota. Here’s a hint- the Red Sox aren’t looking at Nick Punto.


As it is being reported, the deal is Johan Santana for Coco Crisp, Jon Lester, and minor leaguer Jed Lowrie. A fourth player is being discussed. Obviously, this deal would be dependent on Santana agreeing, and possibly reaching an extension with the Red Sox.

Seriously, do you think Santana says no to this trade? And Minnesota, is that the best you can fleece from Boston? They have been looking to dump Crisp, Jon Lester is a great story, but not a great pitcher, and how good could Jed Lowrie be that great if he couldn’t beat out the corpse they have at ss now?

Of course there is a chance this deal never gets done. If another team beats the Red Sox offer who do you think it will be? Right. The Yankees, who would have to dangle Phil Hughes and Melky Cabrera to entice the Twins away from Boston’s proposal. Either way, it looks very unlikely that Santana is pitching for the Twins again next year. If Boston lands the lefty, it looks like they have their one two punch set for a few years with Beckett and Santana, with Dice-K and Schilling rounding out the rotation.

So why aren’t more teams able to join this circus? Didn’t baseball set records last year in profit? Didn’t they have record attendance figures? Isn’t leading the sports industry in generating online profit? Aren’t teams getting more revenue sharing than ever before? Then why aren’t we seeing a more even playing field?

I though that was the point of revenue sharing, so that the smaller market teams could put a competitive team on the field. Silly me. Obviously revenue sharing is so that teams can pocket more profits. From the reports I’ve read Minnesota has one of the wealthier ownerships in baseball. So why are they forced to part with Santana in the first place? You may be in a smaller market than the Yankees or Red Sox, but you have money to spend. How about the Indians? I think the fans are still waiting to see whether or not they will be willing to spend money when it matters. Yeah, you signed Travis Hafner. But not to Thome dollars. Not to Ramirez dollars. Will you sign C.C.? Will you reward a guy that has more wins at his age than dozens of hall of famers? I think the fans will speak loud and clear at the gate if Sabathia goes elsewhere. And I can’t say that I blame them.


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2 responses to “The rich getting richer

  1. All I know is if that’s what Santana gets moved for, his extension could be less given the amount of cash on their current payroll – then say had they moved a star.

    If this rings true, than signing Sabathia will likely cost less than antcipated.

    Quite the watershed event to roll on here in the next few days for sure.

  2. I don’t understand why the Twins are doing this. If I were the Twins, I would rather trade Santana to the Yankees straight up for either Hughes or Cabrera than for the 4 average players they’re getting in return from Boston. I don’t get this deal at all.

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