Un! Be! Leave! A! Bull!


I never thought Pitt would beat West Virginia. I may have even said WV covers that 24 point spread. And as I type this Oklahoma is up 35-17 with only 7 minutes left to go. Obviously Ohio State is in the Championship game. But who in the world will we play? Georgia? The #4 team in the country? They didn’t even make their conference championship game. LSU? They have 2 losses, including last week! Kansas? Not a chance. USC? As good a bet as LSU in my opinion. Arizona State? Again, not a conference champ, and got rocked by USC recently. How about Oklahoma? Why not them, they won the Big 12 and knocked off #1 to do it.

As an aside, how painful was it watching a Dave Wannstedt coached team nearly blow that game? Yeah, the refs made some questionable calls, but that game should have been over at the beginning of the 4th quarter.

And can we put to bed the Chase Daniel for the Heisman talk now?


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5 responses to “Un! Be! Leave! A! Bull!

  1. How about Virginia Tech? They’re the highest ranked team who won their conference.

    As for the Pitt game, I think an official investigation should be launched to see if the Big East paid off those refs. On the TD, not only was that obviously not holding, but the call was made by an official at the pylon, who was behind the play and couldn’t see it, and he didn’t pull out the flag until he saw it was a TD. Not to mention the phantom holding on the Pitt 1st down run and the non-call on the pass interference. I couldn’t believe what I saw tonight.

  2. RockKing:

    Completely, wholeheartedly, unquestionably agree with your entire second paragraph.

    About VT–I’m not sure. LSU mopped the floor with them early this year. I admit I’m biased towards getting an OSU-SEC matchup so they can finally get that 900-pound gorilla off their backs, though.

  3. Yeah, Virginia Tech has as much claim as Oklahoma I suppose. Major conference winners-

    Ohio State, USC, LSU, Oklahoma, Virginia Tech, West Virginia

    Ohio State is the only one loss team in the bunch.

    I don’t know if it’s a shame or not that the voters had to make up their minds this morning. Would they benefit from further study or listening to arguement?

  4. milwaukeebuckeye

    I say the less the voters can listen to, the better. They seem to be very easily swayed one way or another.

    Time to get the ear-plugs out, the level of OSU-hatred is astounding. We backed in. We played no one. Yada yada yada. We did what other teams were not able to do – simple as that.

  5. WCT put it in the best terms possible. “Deal With It.”

    Can’t wait to see all of the blog-haters this week…

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