Wake me up when LeBron is back…

I got to watch the Cavs last night for the first time since LeBron’s injury. It will be my last until he returns.


Do you have any friends that don’t believe LeBron should be the MVP, or perhaps think for some reason he is over-rated? I have the solution. Make them watch this game a few times. That was horrible. Terrible. I wish I could do Frank Caliendo’s Barkley impersonation here. The Cavs deserve it after that shooting demonstration. The Cavs shot 21 for 88! 34 percent for the game. To be honest, I was surprised it wasn’t worse. I had to stop watching after the third quarter. I couldn’t stand it.

Drew Gooden and Zydrunas couldn’t make a play because nobody knew how to get them the ball in a position to score. Drew had an off night shooting, but again he tried to do too much and play outside of his game. I can’t say that I blame him.

Shannon Brown got the start last night and finished with 20 points. While you will read elsewhere that Brown had a career night in all categories, and that he was able to score off the dribble, let me be the first to call garbage on that. Shannon Brown played schoolyard basketball last night. He tried to play the ‘LeBron’ role, and in my opinion didn’t look that good doing it. Sure he posted career numbers in points, rebounds and assists. He also posted career highs in minutes played and shots attempted. Brown hasn’t had his hands on the ball that much since his days at Michigan State.

Let’s not forget that Cleveland declined Brown’s option at the beginning of the season. Perhaps they are trying to while LeBron is out to see if they can drum up some trade interest in Shannon? Why not. As long as the Cavs have LeBron, Shannon isn’t going to see the floor. And if LeBron isn’t able to play, this team isn’t winning anyway.

How about a little Caliendo doing Barkley…



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2 responses to “Wake me up when LeBron is back…

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  2. Amen to all of that, particularly the parts about Shannon Brown. I, unfortunately, was watching tonight’s game, and once again Brown was the most frustrating player to watch. Not only does he hoist too many outside shots, he’s a turnover machine as well. If the Cavs were trying to build trade interest, I fear that they failed.

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