They fear the vest!

Seriously…does anyone want to coach Michigan?


This morning’s report that Rutgers head coach Greg Schiano has decided to stay at Rutgers instead of accepting the open job at Michigan has to be disheartening for the big blue alumni and fans. Even before Lloyd Carr’s retirement presser it was a foregone conclusion that LSU’s Les Miles would jump at the chance to coach at his Alma mater. Last weekend that idea hit a serious snag. Miles decided the grass wasn’t greener in Michigan. His contract extension reported yesterday pretty much slammed the door on any return to groundhog country.

The man on the left is Iowa’s coach Kirk Ferentz. He was or wasn’t a serious candidate for the position as well. That depends who you talk to. According to the Detroit News however, he is no longer being considered. Could he be the third candidate to say thanks, but no thanks to what was called by many to be “the best coaching job in the country”? Actually, the first man to say no thank you would have been Stanford coach, and UM grad Jim Harbaugh, but let’s be real, he wasn’t going to be a candidate anyway.

So who does want to coach the Wolverines? Well, Ball State coach Brady Hoke for one. Maybe. Rumor is that he interviewed, or at least ‘talked’ with Michigan AD Bill Martin. That would have been sometime when Martin wasn’t out sailing. Don’t ask. It seems Martin went boating instead of contacting Miles or some such non-sense. I don’t have the desire to understand that story completely.

I think the reason nobody seems to want the job is pretty clear. It’s the Vest. They fear the Vest. Hard to blame them. But don’t fear the Vest fellows. He won’t bite. He will out-coach and out-recruit you, but he doesn’t bite. Reminds me of that classic song…

(For the record…there isn’t enough money out there for me to take that job, so scratch me off that list as well.)


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2 responses to “They fear the vest!

  1. DrJohn

    More cowbell!

  2. damn…beat me to it

    I was honestly looking to see someone just going to town on a cowbell in the vid, lmao

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