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Today while fishing around the interwebs, I came across this Cavs story by Brian Windhorst. I came across the story because ESPN’s rumor mill had a link today reporting that the Cavs have a better shot at trading for Andre Miller than Jason Kidd. So to recap, ESPN reported today (Monday the 10th) what Windhorst (who is paid handsomely to follow the Cavs) reported on Friday the 7th, which is what we reported on Thursday the 6th.

As I was looking into the numbers and rumors, it seems that Andre Miller’s name has surfaced a few times. To acquire Miller the Cavs could give Shannon Brown and Eric Snow. That trade works on the ESPN trade machine. It would give the Sixers a vet point guard, and a young player in return for Miller. Who knows, that trade probably has a better chance of being made than the Kidd one. Not that Andre Miller is close to Jason Kidd’s talent, but still better than what we have running the point.

Seriously, I’ll write for the Beacon Journal for $50 grand and a press pass.

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  1. dave . . .

    andre miller for eric “yellow” snow and shannon brown??? and danny ferry is hesitating why??? that’s a no-brainer deal for the cavs, but by the same token it’s a “no” brainer for the sixers. i mean why would they trade a legitimate point guard who still plays an all-around good game at both ends of the court like miller for a guy who’s an outright liability on the offensive end of the court and another guy who’s a walking turnover just waiting to happen???

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