So what did we learn…

In my opinion not a lot. (No, I haven’t digested the whole report yet.) But here are the players that have not previously been implicated.


Larry Bigbie, Kevin Brown, Jack Cust, Chris Donnels, Matt Franco, Eric Gagne, Matt Herges, Glenallen Hill, Todd Hundley, David Justice, Chuck Knoblauch, Tim Laker, Mike Lansing, Paul Lo Duca, Kent Mercker, Hal Morris, Denny Neagle, Todd Pratt, John Rocker, F.P. Santangelo, Mike Stanton, Miguel Tejada, Ron Villone, Fernando Vina, Rondell White, Kevin Young, Gregg Zaun

In addition to these names, we had some rehashed ones. (Clemens, Bonds, Pettite, Glaus and Sheffield being the biggest) Mitchell called for stricter testing, and no punishment for those who have been found to have cheated. Wow. Really went out on a limb there George. Stricter testing huh?

We’ll follow the reaction of the players implicated, at least the ones still playing anyway, but this report seems to have been a waste in my opinion. What will be interesting is to see the reaction from the teams that recently signed these players- Lo Duca, Gagne and the Astros who parted with six players to get Tejada.


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4 responses to “So what did we learn…

  1. I can’t imagine the Astros are totally shocked by this. In fact, I’d be surprised if they were surprised at all. I’d be willing to bet they considered this as a possibility and determined the deal was still worth it.

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  3. I learned that the Yankees team that bounced us out of the early 2000’s playoffs were all juiced up… 8 guys, by my count

  4. I learned that Jose Canseco still has a better grasp on what’s going on than both Sen. Mitchell and Bud Selig.

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