Halftime Adjustments Hall of Fame

No, there isn’t one…yet, but if there was, Brian Westbrook would have earned his way in it yesterday.


By now you probably know the scenario. The Eagles were beating the Dallas Cowboys 10-6, with just over two minutes to go in the game. Dallas had used all of their timeouts. On a first down carry, Westbrook broke through the line and found himself with a waltz to the end zone. As I watched him run towards the goal line I figured this TD was going to secure the game, even though Dallas would get the ball back. What happened next amazed me.

Westbrook slid on the 1 yard line, forfeiting the the touchdown, so that the Eagles could run the clock out. Word is that he was told by O-lineman Jon Runyan to fall down if he got near the goal line. Even if that is the case, it was still an amazing unselfish play for Westbrook to go through with it. I was extremely impressed with his decision, and would be happy to have Westbrook play for my team any day.

Let’s ask this question- would Terrell Owens have done the same thing if he were in that situation? Of course not. Owens not only would have taken the TD, but he would have celebrated in some way that his team was penalized on the kick-off.

Congrats Westbrook. Way to show teamwork and class, and to realize there are things more important than your own numbers.

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