Cavs scramble for 2OT win


It took him 50 minutes of playing time, but Lebron James finally put the game out of reach when his second free throw found the bottom of the net with :14 seconds to go. James finished with 31 points, but had a rough shooting night, hitting only 10 of 25 shots, and none of his 5 three point attempts. Fortunately for the Cavs, he was money from the free throw line, hitting 11 of 13. Zydrunas Illgauskas had another big game for the Cavs, scoring 24 points and grabbing 11 boards, but perhaps his biggest play of the game was a block of Andrew Bogut that would have tied the game with :15 seconds to go. After the jump, the worst thing I’ve written all year-

After writing this about him last week-

“Larry Hughes led the way with 36 points on 13 of 17 shooting, including 5 of 8 from deep. He played only 26 minutes, but was very effective in his time on the floor. Hughes was free to roam the court playing a true shooting guard in his minutes tonight. According to coach Mike Brown, that is the role Hughes will play from now on. In fact, Brown said he intends to bring Hughes off the bench. Certainly he has the ability to energize the team and provide a boost coming off the bench. Now, let’s not get crazy and think that he will shoot 76% and score 30+ every night, but if he can provide that 15-20 point lift, especially when LeBron is resting this team is dangerous.”

…Larry Hughes has posted the following numbers- 3 games, 86 minutes played, 24 points on 8 of 35 shooting (22%), and 1 of 6 from 3 point range. I don’t know what is wrong with Hughes, but he is just killing us. Hughes and Pavlovic are morphing into the worst two guard in the league. And thanks to the NBA’s ridiculous salary cap regulations, we have no chance to fix the problem. I don’t understand why there is no way for a team to get out of a contract gone bad. If I was brought in to do a job, and given a handsome salary to do it, I would be expected to perform at a certain level. After two plus years, if I was not able to meet my employer’s expectations I would be let go. The company would not continue to suffer because of my performance. Why in the world, after two dismal seasons, can’t the Cavs do something about Hughes? The NBA needs to re-evaluate the way teams are stuck with these ridiculous contracts.

I know, nobody forced the Cavs to sign them. But they had to bring someone in. Larry Hughes was the best player available to sign at the time. And they had to pay him what they did to get him. There just should be some type of escape for teams so that fans don’t have to suffer. Look at the Knicks. Contracts have killed them for years. Let’s hope the Cavs can get back on track, even if Hughes can’t.


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4 responses to “Cavs scramble for 2OT win

  1. It’s completely up to the team to sign these guys – sometimes the best moves are the ones you don’t make. You’re right that we had to bring someone in, but Hughes/Marshall/Jones for that money? Unless we can find a GM willing to take Hughes, he’s ours for the long haul.

    The game was awesome last night. It was a shame that there were so few people there as they missed a good one. The refs were awful across the board, so I can understand Coach K’s disgust after the game. Let’s just hope that LBJs crown jewels are alright today…he took a nice shot courtesy of Michael Redd late in the game

  2. darthbith

    Its certainly not a good thing when you cringe every time a few people get the ball on offense – and Sasha and Hughes are two of those. Danny Ferry needs to do *something* to improve this team.

  3. Hughes loves to do that to us. Every time I think he’s coming around, he goes out and puts in 4 or 5 AWFUL games in a row. At this point, I just do not think he’s a good basketball player. I think I’d almost rather have Darius Miles back than watch Larry Hughes play another game for the Cavs.

  4. dave . . .

    at least sasha is still young enough to have some upside left in his career. with larry, it’s just all downhill from here. hopefully danny ferry can pull a jim paxson and find somebody who’s dumb enough to take his albatross of a contract off their hands. otherwise, i don’t see things getting any better and probably even worse as long as larry continues to get major minutes. still, can anybody explain to me why they still haven’t signed earl boykins??? luxury tax, smuxury tax, i don’t give a flying flip about that. it’s just money and dan “the man” gilbert supposedly has more than enough to burn. watching devin brown in the cavs double-overtime victory against the bucks monday was all the proof you need to see what effect someone can provide from off the bench, which has been just so lacking this year. boykins is just the type of player the cavs need to come in off the bench and provide them with that spark, especially in the 3rd quarter when they seem to alway go into an offensive lull.

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