Yeah, that makes sense…

Cavs end losing streak, worst team in the league gets called out by their coach…should have seen this coming.
Full disclosure- I didn’t see a second of this game. Had something else scheduled tonight, but figured this one should be over halfway through the fourth. Silly me. After Isaiah Thomas questioned the heart and character of his team in the media I should have seen this coming. This would be the game that the Knicks play out of their mind, and then go on a 4 or 5 game losing streak costing the coach his job. Could have put money on this really. The Cavs were coming off a double OT game, in which Zydrunas played waaaayyy too many minutes, and surprise, Hughes and Pavlovic combined for a 6 for 20 shooting night. LeBron had his usual numbers, but managed 6 steals in this one. All for nothing I guess.

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