LeBron gets win, Kobe gets accolades

I’m sure you read the ESPN articles leading up to last night’s game comparing Kobe with LeBron. Last night when the chalk cleared, LeBron was standing on top.


The Cavs, lead by LeBron James, rebounded from a terrible game against the Knicks on Wednesday with a gritty effort against the Lakers. It was a excellent defensive fourth quarter effort that earned the Cavs a 94-90 win. The Lakers scored a mere 12 points in the final period, and Bryant had only 2 of those. In contrast, LeBron scored 6 of his 33 points in the 4th, and grabbed 3 boards in the final frame.

If you ask LeBron who the best player in the league is, there is little question what his response would be-

Kobe Bryant is definitely the most explosive player we have in this league,” James said. “There’s no one like him.”

High praise, but if it’s all the same to you LeBron, we’ll take you in this debate. Let’s go to the video…

Daniel Gibson had 15 points for the game, but no assists. Does anyone else see that as problematic for our starting point guard? It seems Larry Hughes has been relegated to point guard duties for stretches during games. So much for Brown’s ‘he won’t be the point guard anymore’ theories.  And once again Drew Gooden rode the bench most of the game, including crunch time. I thought the idea was to have Varejao rest both Gooden and Ilgauskas, but I guess I was wrong. Drew’s game has suffered since Andy’s return. The Cavs will need Gooden playing at his best if they want to be a championship contender.

At least Hughes didn’t put up 15 shots in this one. Hughes, who is in a serious shooting slump, attempted only 8 shots in his 28 minutes, hitting 2 of them. He defended Kobe much of the 4th quarter, no matter what you might read, and does deserve some credit for Kobe only scoring 21 points in the game. There. I said something nice about Larry. Maybe if we can get him labeled a defensive specialist his trade value will go up.


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6 responses to “LeBron gets win, Kobe gets accolades

  1. Mitchell. George J.

    and both are loaded up on steroids!!!!!!

    Nike swoosh.

    Making big people into circus freaks.

  2. Ok, that was just funny!

  3. Mitchell. George J.

    Not really.

    NBA = WWE with more palimony lawsuits, Ron Artest’s abused dogs (Placer County impounded) and absued wife. (plead no contest)

    Steroids, Nike endorsements and Disney-ESPN and TimeWarner-TNT advertising revenues fund the steroids, amphetamines and corticoids and pay off the pregnant women every week.

    Nike drug cheat Michael Jordan has children older than his former marriage.

    If doping is funny, then laugh your arse off at the NBA (national bastards assoc) run by super fly $130 Million + Gulf Srream, David Stern

  4. And the US government was behind 9/11, and there are aliens at Area 51, and Bigfoot raped my girlfriend, and JFK was killed by the mafia, and global warming is a myth, and……

  5. kingjamesfan

    Kobe is really one of the greatest player in the NBA today. However, in my opinion, there will definitely no other player to replace MJ except LeBron James.

    LeBron James fan

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