On the Outside Looking In

The Browns finished the regular season 10-6, and missed out on the post-season on tie-breakers. Good season guys!


I refuse to whine about the Colts game. If the Browns would have taken care of their own business they would have never been in that situation. I will say that the NFL should think about this last week of the regular season however. Personally, I think the Colts should have just forfeited. They obviously had no interest in winning the game, as they were only looking to achieve individual numbers and get out without injury. Of course, had they forfeited they would have to refund too many tickets I guess.

The Browns’ defense looked pretty good yesterday, but keep in mind they were playing a team that had only the most basic offense possible available because of the new QB. Truthfully, I thought they did a terrible job in the first half. Frank Gore ripped off nice runs, and we got no pressure on Weinke. Sure, that changed in the second half when the Browns seemed to realize the 49ers didn’t have the personnel to win that game. Then the sack party was on, and the San Fran running game was shut down.

Josh Cribbs returned a punt and a kick-off back for touchdowns yesterday, though the kick-off was called back on a phantom illegal block penalty. Cribbs was a difference maker yesterday, and that is why he is headed to Hawaii.

Aside from Jamal Lewis, who had a nice game, the offense looked horrible. Derek Anderson may have played his way out of a huge contract the past few weeks. In the past 5 games (not counting Buffalo, because I wouldn’t expect decent numbers in that snow) Anderson was 77 for 138, a respectable 55% completion percentage, but threw 8 interceptions against 9 TD’s. I’m not saying he won’t get offers, or that Cleveland shouldn’t offer him a max contract, but I wonder if he hurt his chances with games like Sunday’s.

Brady Quinn looked relaxed during his drive. That was a good sign. It was good to see him laugh off the dropped passes in the end zone.

Look for a season recap and final grades coming soon. Overall how could you not be encouraged by this season? They reclaimed the home turf, and never lost 2 in a row. Impressive for a team that was 4-12 last year, with losing streaks of 3 and 4 games during the year. Here’s hoping we build on that for next year, and challenge the Steelers for the division title.


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5 responses to “On the Outside Looking In

  1. Tough break for your Browns, man. 10-6 in the NFC will nearly get you a first round bye. Haha. Good luck next season. And in Joshua Cribs, you guys have the second best return man in football.

  2. Good point about DA. I must admit that those reports about the Browns wanting to lock him up to a long term deal right now scare me a little bit. I just don’t see the need to rush like that.

  3. Jeremy

    I’m pretty confident that they aren’t going to do much with Anderson. Offer him $2.5 mil and see what happens. If anyone else wants him, get those picks. I’ve been begging for Quinn for the last 5 or 6 weeks. It’s been way to long since Anderson played a decent game. Next year should be fun though.

  4. dave . . .

    see, that’s just it, the browns had to play a full 16-game schedule while the colts and titans actually only played what amounted to a 15-game schedule with 5 exhibition games. obviously, the season is too long when you have multiple teams clinching in week 11 or 12 and the only drama you have left in the last week is for the final wild-card spot all the while most of the playoff teams not going for a perfect season are resting their best players which pretty much puts an inferior product out on the field but at the same ticket price as weeks 1-15. if i were nfl commissioner roger goodell, i would be very concerned about the so-called “integrity of the game” when teams pretty much forfeit a game like the colts did. yes it’s all just sour grapes and i wouldn’t even be talking about this had cleveland just beat the bengals, but that’s beside the point.

  5. I understand the 15.5 game argument, but at the same time, that was a pathetic 49ers team we played. Sure, they played their starters the whole game, but they would have gotten drilled by the Colts second team.

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