Forget Derek Anderson and Jamal Lewis…

Without Rob Chudzinski, the Browns are in trouble.


Found this in the Plain Dealer today.

Browns offensive coordinator Rob Chudzinski will interview for the Baltimore Ravens head-coaching position, General Manager Phil Savage said Thursday. Chudzinski, in his first year with the Browns, helped develop the Cleveland offense into one of the best in the NFL. The Browns ranked eighth in the league with an average of 25.1 points and 351.3 yards per game. One reason for their success was quarterback Derek Anderson, who was fifth in the NFL with 29 touchdown passes.

The Browns’ success this season can be attributed to many things; a revamped and healthy offensive line, a solid running game led by Jamal Lewis, the improved play of Braylon Edwards, Kellen Winslow and of course Derek Anderson. But in my opinion, Rob Chudzinski was reason 1A that the Browns’ offense was a success.

I understand the arguments. Without the improved line play it would have been difficult for the offense to execute Chud’s game plans. Without the threat of a running game defenses could pay more attention to the passing game. These arguments are cyclical. The truth is that without the right coordinator to pull it all together the Browns probably finish 7-9 or worse this year. I’d go as far to say that Rob Chudzinski probably saved Romeo Crennel’s job this season.

“Obviously with the turnaround we’ve had, and with the way the offense played, Rob is going to be sought after by a lot of teams either this year or in years to come,” Savage said. “. . . When you have success you have to anticipate losing your good people.”

Chud has also been mentioned as a possible candidate in Miami, of course so was Crennel. That article goes on to mention Crennel and the Browns are currently talking about an extension. If that is the case Romeo owes Chud a new car or something.

I guess it is bound to happen. If not this year, then probably next if the Browns continue to have success offensively. I know one thing, I’d rather have Rob out of our division than in it. So, if he’s going to go this year, here’s hoping he lands in Miami or Atlanta.


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3 responses to “Forget Derek Anderson and Jamal Lewis…

  1. If Chud leaves, at least this gives all of us another option to point the finger at when it’s all said and done…

  2. Maybe Miami will take Crennel after all, and then the Browns could just promote Chud to keep him from leaving for a job elsewhere?! (joking)

    In all seriousness, though, I do think Chud is going to succeed wherever he goes, and he will be a head coach sooner than later. I agree with you completely, we need to be praying he doesn’t get offered the Baltimore job.

  3. Chudzinski has signed an extension with the Browns and has turned down the Raven’s request for an interview. Great news for the Browns!!

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