Making Headlines…at least small ones


Let me be pretty clear about this, the only circumstances under which Halftime Adjustments will refer to the ballpark in which the Indians play as ‘Progressive Field’, would be in some sort of sarcastic harsh tone. Since 1994 the Indians have, and until it is knocked down, will always play at the Jake.

Cavalier Shannon Brown requested to be sent to the developmental league. The Cavs granted his wish yesterday. My guess is that barring injury or trade that will be the last we see of Shannon Brown in Cleveland. It is obvious that the Cavs have no interest in Shannon past this season, and he wasn’t getting playing time lately. Shannon had an opportunity to play when LeBron was injured, but really wasn’t ready to shoulder that much of the load. Perhaps a couple weeks of solid games for the Vipers will increase Shannon’s trade value. I’m sure that was his intention, plus the opportunity to play every day.

Terry Pluto calls criticism of Jim Tressel out of line. I agree to a point. The Buckeyes were out coached on Monday, and Tressel has to share some of that blame. I do believe the Buckeyes were playing in that game a year early, and unfortunately, might not be given the chance to play there for some time.

Andy Varejao’s injury isn’t believed to be serious, he will however be questionable for tonight’s game against the Bobcats. All things considered, the Cavs should be a bit cautious with Andy to avoid further injury. He is the catalyst on the defensive end. It will be interesting to see what type of intensity the Cavs play defense with tonight.

The Dispatch is reporting that Ohio State receiver Brian Robiske will return for his senior season. I really never considered that he would leave. While he had a solid season, with 11 TD’s and over 900 yards, he certainly wasn’t projecting to be a high draft pick. He would have to improve on those numbers next year if he expects to be a day 1 selection, and that might even be too much to ask.



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4 responses to “Making Headlines…at least small ones

  1. Glad to see I’m not the only one who cannot fathom calling that building ‘Progressive Field’.

  2. I have a feeling that this Shannon Brown thing may come back to haunt Ferry – unless is is in fact traded.

  3. Sara

    They will always be the Jake and Gund Arena to me.

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