James leads Cavs over Bobcats

LeBron James waited…almost too long…to take over this one.


LeBron James led the Cavs in scoring, rebounding, assists, steals, and blocked shots. Yet, without a few of his teammates, the Cavs wouldn’t have pulled this one out. Andy Varejao came up big tonight, despite playing with a bruised knee and an Achilles sprain. Varejao grabbed 18 boards and scored 16 points in his 41 minutes. It was Andy that willed the Cavs back into the game in the second quarter when LeBron took a seat.

The Bobcats, and specifically Jason Richardson opened the game scorching hot. The Cavs managed to hang with Charlotte, and eventually opened up an 8 point lead in the second, as Richardson went cold. The Cavs finished the first half up 58-51. But, as has been the trend for the Cavs, they started the third quarter cold, and relinquished the lead. James, who had 13 points at the half, didn’t score at all in the 3rd frame.

The fourth quarter began with the Cavs down 8. Gibson and Gooden made big plays offensively down the stretch, but LeBron began to take over the game with defense. Charlotte scored only 16 points in the fourth, and the last three came on a long bomb from Raymond Felton to send the game into OT.

In the 2 extra sessions James scored 12 more points, grabbed rebounds, and made great hustle plays. After 2 OT’s the Bobcats were on the short end, 113-106. The headlines and highlights will talk about LeBron’s final flurry, but the Cavs would have never seen OT had it not been for Andy Varejao and Daniel Gibson. Gibson finished with 14 points, and was 4 of 6 from three point range. The Cavs as a team shot 45%, led by LeBron’s 10 of 20 night. So, I guess you can add field goal percentage to the stats LBJ led the Cavs in. Good thing the team was following his lead tonight.


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2 responses to “James leads Cavs over Bobcats

  1. dave . . .

    a win is a win is a win and i will certainly take it, but if coach mike brown insists on continuing his practice of starting the underachieving backcourt of larry hughes and sasha pavlovic, both at the beginning of games and at the start of the 3rd quarter, he is an even bigger fool than what most people think he is. i mean, where is it written that you have to start the same 5 guys that started the game at the outset of the 3rd quarter too??? larry and sasha can start games all they want, but when they continue to have these 3rd quarter struggles, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out how to fix it. it seems like the cavs always get off to these slow starts in the 3rd quarter and then brown will wait to bring his “energy guys” in off the bench like boobie, andy, devin and damon until the opponent gets out to a big lead. then, he expects the “energy guys” to cut the deficit down that larry and sasha helped to create in the first place. this is where i repeatedly bang my head against the wall, sort of like some insane mental patient. speaking of which, did you hear what brown said on his “mike brown radio show” on wtam 1100 the other night??? it reminds me of what somebody once said the purest definition of “insanity” was, which is to do the same thing over and over again yet expect a different result. he actually said that the solution to larry’s and sasha’s problems are to just let them play through it and their “games” will eventually come back around. yeah, right. if that isn’t “insane”, i don’t know what else to call it??? in the meantime, the cavs will probably piss away a possible home-court advantage for the playoffs when they don’t win enough games to get a higher seed and they can thank larry & sasha for the bulk of the blame, along with brown for making such a decision to play them so much in the first place. if you ask me, the solution would be to start the 3rd quarter with at least 2 or 3, if not all of the “energy guys” alongside lebron to get the momentum going so that the cavs can either get a lead, sustain a lead or build upon a lead. then, with all the momentum clearly in their favor and the “energy guys” in need of a rest, then they can bring in the starters to play against the opponents bench players which should make them even more productive since they wouldn’t be going up against the other teams’ starters. that way the 3rd quarter issues wouldn’t be a problem anymore and they might actually enjoy some blowout wins for a change. of course, this makes sense, which means i highly doubt that brown would ever consider it. another idea would be to just go out and sign free agent earl boykins to help bring some instant offense off the bench, especially in those 3rd quarters when they go into these offensive funks almost on a game-by-game basis. yes, the diminutive boykins is a potential post-up victim every time down court on defense, but the fact remains that the opponents then have to guard him on offense and i honestly don’t think that anybody, outside of t.j. ford and tony parker, have the needed speed and quickness to keep up with earl. the only negative he has is his height, but his positives far outweigh any supposed issues he might have on defense. not only is he a decent outside shooter, he can handle the ball, he can get the offense into their proper sets, he can penetrate the lane, he can distribute the ball to the proper players at the right spots on the floor, he can score off the dribble and he hits his free throws, which is more than what most of the other players on the roster can do. so what if he’s only 5-foot-5??? it doesn’t matter if he’s only 2-foot-5 as long as he can score and get the team to score more during the 3rd quarter. he could be for the cavs what vinnie “the microwave” johnson was for the “bad boys” detroit pistons teams of the 80’s. i can see people calling earl “mini-microwave”. can you imagine the marketing potential??? anyway, a change is obviously needed, if it’s not changing who gets to start the 3rd quarter, well then they might as well look at bringing in somebody like boykins. what can it hurt??? it’s better to try and fail than do nothing and succeed and right now it doesn’t appear as if the cavs are that willing to do much, if anything, about it and i can’t understand why??? do they not want to win games??? isn’t that what nfl coach herman edwards once said so famously – “hello, you play to win the game”??? i just hope the cavs can do something soon to either change their lineup, make a trade that actually will improve their roster, or sign a free agent who can help them solve their problems, especially in the 3rd quarter. are you listening mike brown and/or danny ferry??? we can only hope.

  2. Wow Dave, I think your rant was longer than my post! You are right about starting the same crew in the 3rd period. Maybe we should start Andy and Gibson, and try to push the tempo from the first possession to shake things up.

    As for letting Sasha and Hughes ‘play through’, I agree with you about Hughes. Larry will have a good game 1 out of 10 times. Sasha showed promise last year, and he is capable of much better. I’d like to see us get him going, but not at the expense of Gibson’s minutes.

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