Jenkins to stay, Gholston to leave

Malcolm Jenkins surprised many by deciding to stay for his senior season at Ohio State.


Malcolm Jenkins decided he hadn’t accomplished all he could in college, and so he is returning for another year. The Buckeye corner back was projected by many to go in the first round of this year’s draft had he decided to declare. Consider Halftime Adjustments pleasantly surprised by the decision. Jenkins will surely be named a defensive captain next season, and should be a pre-season All-American.

Pictured with Jenkins above is of course junior linebacker James Laurinaitis. The Buckeye All-American has until Tuesday to decided whether of not to pursue the NFL, or continue playing for the Scarlett and Gray. Laurinaitis has said all season that he intends to return for his senior year, but nobody could blame the guy for moving on. He has won the major line-backer awards, twice been an All-American, and was even named a captain of this year’s team, which is quite rare for a junior under Tressel. Perhaps Malcolm’s decision to stay might motivate the Buckeye’s leading tackler to stay for one more year.

Unlike Jenkins, Vernon Gholston will be declaring for the NFL draft. This comes as no surprise, and certainly Gholston has a chance to be a first round pick as well. Gholston was one of the few Buckeyes to have a decent BCS game this year. His incredible strength and speed should serve him well at the next level. The Browns could sure use Vernon Gholston, but without trading into the first round there is no chance of that happening.

In addition to Laurinaitis, the Buckeyes are awaiting word on linebacker Marcus Freeman and tackle Alex Boone. Of all the names tossed around as potentially coming out, Freeman surprised me the most. Certainly playing beside Laurinaitis has made Freeman a little more anonymous, but I don’t know that Freeman has demonstrated the ability to play at the next level. Alex Boone would more than likely be a third or fourth round pick. His stock could certainly improve with another year of opening holes for Beanie Wells. A Heisman campaign for Wells would bring Boone more attention as well.


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3 responses to “Jenkins to stay, Gholston to leave

  1. Jenkins definitely was a pleasant surprise. The biggest gift that will help the Buckeyes become preseason favorites to contend (again) for the title will be Laurinaitis’ decision to stay. I really think he will.

  2. dave . . .

    hopefully laurinaitis’ dad made enough money at pro wrestling so that jimmy-boy doesn’t need to chase the nfl millions just yet. shoot, if he does stay in school, i can actually see him competing with beanie wells for the heisman trophy. now wouldn’t that be sweet??? we can only hope.

  3. I was talking with a buddy about that today Dave. James grew up comfortably and I don’t think is desperate to make NFL dollars. That money will come, and I hope he values the college experience enough to come back.

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