Monday Rumblings

The Cavs are off until Tuesday, but there may be something to report on as rumors circulate about a potential Sam Cassell trade. Not sure these aren’t more than the ‘that would make sense’ variety of rumor. Personally I would welcome Cassell, especially if Hughes was the target. No, huh? Alright.

Buckeye land awaits the decision of James Laurinaitis today.

(Was that too obvious?)

With Alex Boone in the fold for another season the O-Line will be in good shape again next season. Especially with the recruiting class we have coming in. The battle for right tackle is going to be fierce! With regard to Laurinaitis, I hope he does come back, but not because I think he would be the difference between a championship or not. The Buckeyes have 2 outstanding LB recruits coming to Columbus next year in Etienne Sabino and Andrew Sweat. I would love for Laurinaitis to show these two what it takes to be the next great linebacker at OSU. A.J. Hawk was there for James. Matt Wilhelm was there for A.J. Wilhelm never won any of the major awards, but he certainly had the work ethic.

Truth is I’m not sold on how well Laurinaitis will do at the next level. He is a great college linebacker. But do you see in him the same type of instincts and playmaking that Hawk has? I have no doubt that he will be selected in the top half of the draft, but his disappearing act in big games this year would concern me if I were a pro scout.

The only talk surrounding the Indians these days is the stadium name change. Er, I mean nothing. So it seems the Indians must be satisfied with the club as is, or at least nothing seems to be shaking out in the trade department.

Still looking for Crennel’s contract to be extended as promised. That defensive coordinator position was filled pretty quickly. Mel Tucker, who was the secondary coach will be given the job. It is Tucker’s first opportunity as a coordinator, and I’d be nervous about that if our head coach wasn’t a former Super Bowl winning defensive guru. Honestly, if you were an outsider looking at the Browns’ situation you might be scratching your head wondering why the man who coached the defensive backs was given a promotion. At the beginning of the year teams pretty much threw the ball at will on the Browns. But Browns fans know that there was marked improvement in the secondary as the year progressed, and Tucker should be given some of that credit, as well as the maturing of young players like Sean Jones, Eric Wright and Brandon McDonald.

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One response to “Monday Rumblings

  1. Doug Lesmerises is reporting that Laurinitis has told him he’s coming back. Looks official, with quotes from JL and everything:

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