So now we just wait on Pryor…

James Laurinaitis is coming back for his senior year. Sorry about your luck Michigan.


So let’s get this straight- The Buckeyes will return 9 starters on defense. That’s 9 starters on a unit that ranked first in the nation in most categories, and held Michigan to 91 yards of total offense. On offense, they lose Kirk Barton and Dionte Johnson, who was splitting time with 2 other players anyway. Coming back are Hartline and Robiskie who combined for over 1600 yards and 17 TD’s, and Chris Wells who had 1609 yards himself and 15 TD’s.

That same Michigan team has lost QB’s Chad Henne and Ryan Mallet, RB Mike Hart, WR’s Mario Manningham and Adrian Arrington, plus OL’s Jake Long and Adam Kraus. Defensively they lose 4 starters, including Sean Crable. On top of that Michigan will have to travel to Columbus this year. All of that with a new coach and system to learn. Yep. Good luck with that ground hogs.


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8 responses to “So now we just wait on Pryor…

  1. We can only hope with Pryor. The Mallett transfer can’t be a good sign…then again, I think he was going to have to leave anyway. Either way the Bucks will be huge in ’08…again.

  2. Jeremy

    Did any of you watch the Army high school game? As well, did any of you notice that Pryor had a small Buckeye sticker on his helmet?

  3. That was reported, but it was also reported that he was wearing a Michigan sweatshirt to practice all week. I think he is just enjoying his time in the spotlight, and we won’t know his decision until signing day.

  4. Jeremy

    I’m pretty sure he’s gonna milk it as long as he can. He even scheduled at visit to Duke because he wanted to hang out with the coach. Nobody in their right mind would think he’d play football at Duke.

  5. When did he visit Duke? He has visited OSU and Michigan, and has said he’s considering visiting LSU and maybe Oregon or Florida. But due to his basketball schedule, he has said he will not take anymore weekend visits. He has not visited Duke and he is not planning on visiting Duke.

  6. Jeremy

    I read on his website that he visited Duke. But he also said that it was only to visit the coach cause he knew him personally or something. Here’s the link.

  7. He has thrown a lot of schools out there and says he’ll visit them, but then he never does. There’s a slight chance he may visit Oregon and/or LSU this week, but I would say it’s 50/50 at best.

    We’ll find out for sure on Feb. 6th, but today I heard a little piece of info that makes me feel very confident that Pryor is coming to OSU.

  8. Jeremy

    Do tell. What did you hear?

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