Radical new college football plan

Georgia’s President Michael Adams has a beef with the NCAA and Ohio State. Ok, Mr. Adams here’s a new plan…


This story has been ongoing since before the BCS title game to be honest with you. Here’s a snippet from the Columbus Dispatch about Adams’ position-

University of Georgia president Michael Adams accused the Big Ten and Pacific-10 conferences, along with the Rose Bowl, of being “the largest impediment” to a major college football playoff system.

The plan promoted by Adams would have an NCAA committee select eight teams and seed them for a three-round playoff. He has called for the quarterfinal games to be played as the Rose, Orange, Sugar and Fiesta bowls, with the semifinals taking place on the second Saturday in January and the national championship game on the third Saturday.

Adams, who just last year voted against a playoff plan proposed by University of Florida president Bernard Machen, defended his apparent flip-flop. Adams said the BCS has produced “bad matchups” most of the time, and “this year was the tipping point.

Starting to get good- 

“We had probably the best regular season ever, with the worst postseason ever,” he said. “And it’s because so many of these entrenched constituencies have a self-preservation interest here. I just finally said, ‘Enough is enough.’ “

But this is my favorite quote-

“I have good friends (there), I have two degrees from Ohio State, I love Ohio State,” he said. “But this is not a way to serve the country.”

“Some of them have figured out that the preservation of the current system is in their own self-interest,” Adams said, “and that is what I think we need to get people to apply some pressure on.”

So, just to recap- the President of UGA voted against a playoff system last season. (Georgia 9-4, ranked #23 at season’s end) But had a change of heart this year (Georgia 11-2, ranked #2 at season’s end) and thinks that Ohio State and other universities should stop thinking about their own interests and consider the good of the game. No wait, in order “serve the country” they should change the system.

Mr. Adams I have the solution for you. If you want Georgia to play for the National Championship, (your obvious motive) then here’s how you do it. Are you ready?



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23 responses to “Radical new college football plan

  1. Sara

    It’s almost embarassing that he has two degrees from tOSU. What a self-absorbed idiot.

  2. Atlex

    UGA would win its conference if it moved to the Big 10. Then, what bowl would OSU play in?

  3. I love how University presidents have little else to worry about, and can focus their efforts on focusing on what they feel is best for everyone else. Especially when it involves how they’ve been “wronged” in some way…

  4. I think Ohio State should just stop getting their tails kicked in the national title game! I know that Ohio State is playing USC in nonconference this year so there will not be a repeat of this past season’s creampuff schedule. However, if you compare next season’s Ohio State schedule to UGA’s schedule you may understand why Michael Adams is concerned about getting to the MNC out of the SEC, in relation to certain other conferences.

    OSU: at USC, at Wisconsin, at Illinois, Michigan
    (In my opinion, these are the only games
    that Ohio State should worry about due to
    their overall talent)
    UGA: at S. Carolina, at Arizona St., Alabama,
    Tennessee, at LSU, the Cocktail Party
    against Florida, at Auburn, Georgia Tech,
    SEC Championship game against probably
    LSU, Auburn, or Alabama

    I don’t care who you are, that schedule is brutal. I’m not one of the delusional fans who believe Georgia should have been in the National Title game over Ohio State because you are right that we didn’t win the conference. However, you have to admit that Ohio State had a very easy road to New Orleans this past year when their two toughest games were Illinois at home (pasted by USC in the Rose Bowl) and Michigan.


    Too bad Georgia doesn’t play in the Big 10. Wow, I bet that would send shivers down the spine of the 2 or 3 legitimate teams in that league!

    Fact is, The Big 10 is scared to level the playing field.

    What’s better? Getting embarrassed in the National Championship game, on the biggest of all stages, year after year, or possibly getting embarrassed in a playoff?

    No, you should keep your head in the sand, and keep holding on the the Rose Bowl (which the Big 10 has not won in 8 years). It’s a great tradition.

  6. Mark

    the other way to play for the national championship…. win the Big Ten. It doesnt matter if it is inferior to at least 4 of the other BCS conferences….

    that being said, the UGS prez is a dolt.

  7. Ah, yes. And here come the SEC defenders. I am not opposed to a playoff system, I simply think it’s interesting that Mr. Adams has this issue with the BCS this year, after voting against a playoff last year. Wonder what his vote would be if Georgia was ranked 1 or 2 at the end of next year???

    I am all in favor of a playoff, so long as teams are still rewarded for winning their conference. Otherwise we will have a situation like the NFL, and the other pro leagues where winning your division/conference doesn’t mean squat.

  8. Ummm…what’s the SEC’s record against the Big Ten in January Bowl games over the past several years? It seems to me, SEC fans should research the facts before they spew crap about the better conference.


  9. If SEC teams are so superior to everyone else, why are they afraid to play games north of the Mason-Dixon line? OSU will play a home-and-home with anyone (as evidenced by their schedule: Texas, USC, Miami, Va Tech, Oklahoma). It’s really a shame not a single SEC team would take OSU up on their offer.

  10. Just a word to our new SEC friends, we don’t allow foul language here. Your comments will not be displayed if they include vulgarities. Thank you.

  11. Jeremy

    I think there’s a lot to be said here. First off, UGA’s president is an idiot. It’s like watching John Kerry in the political debates a few years ago. Second, as dumb as he is, he has the right to complain. Ohio State has laid two eggs in two straight national championship games. It seems that Jim Tressel is almost afraid of the SEC. His teams get beaten up by the SEC like the Bucks beat up on Michigan. The creampuff scheduling needs to stop. They still only have one none-conference game even worth watching next year. I don’t think it’d be that difficult for the AD to schedule tougher teams than the likes of Akron U and Kent State. We all know that those teams shouldn’t be on the field against them. The thing is, even if they were to lose a couple games against a much tougher schedule, they’d still have a shot at a national title. Which was evidenced this year. The parody in college football will continue to become greater just like the NFL does every year. I’m just hoping that if Ohio State makes it to another title game next year that it’s not against someone in the SEC.

  12. Who was favored in the Championship game this year? Which was the team filled with seniors? Which was the team filled with underclassmen?

    Why do people keep acting like it’s so horrible that OSU lost to LSU? LSU WAS FAVORED!!! They were SUPPOSED to win. OSU didn’t lay an egg. They got beat by a superior team. But all that being said, OSU was still in the game in the 4th quarter.

    If the SEC had such “superior” talent to OSU, then some SEC schools would have more players in the NFL than OSU does. But they don’t. OSU consistently brings in the best players and has recruiting classes on par with everyone else. Sure, they played a bad game and got embarrassed last year, but this year was totally different. A young and inexperienced team overachieved to get into the title game, where they just got beat by a better team who was the preseason favorite to win the title. Big shocker. LSU beating OSU makes no statement on SEC superiority whatsoever, and to imply otherwise is plain idiotic.

  13. Jeremy: “The creampuff scheduling needs to stop. They still only have one none-conference game even worth watching next year. I don’t think it’d be that difficult for the AD to schedule tougher teams than the likes of Akron U and Kent State.”

    Give me a break. What, instead they should play Louisiana Tech, Middle Tennessee, and Tulane like LSU did? Or how about Western Kentucky, Troy, and Florida Atlantic like Florida did? EVERYONE plays creampuff schedules, and your claims that it’s only OSU shows your small minded esoteric view of college football.

  14. Jeremy

    I’m sure that they could have found teams willing to play them with the money that would go their way that would be tougher than weak MAC schools. LSU can play whoever they want out of conference because their conference schedule is much more difficult than the Buckeyes’. The Big 10 is way down in talent as a conference compared to the SEC. So in order to make up for it, they have to play a tougher non-conference schedule. The Buckeyes didn’t face real adversity once the entire season, and it showed when they got down to LSU, they hung their heads and gave up. That team had NO energy. So why does that show that I have a “small minded esoteric view of college football?”

  15. You answered your last question with that whole response. OSU didn’t face adversity once? Playing at Penn State at night? Playing at Michigan, the same team that had their way with Florida? You obviously don’t know anything about Big Ten football, hence the comment about your esoteric view of football.

    LSU can play a weak out of conference schedule because they play in the SEC??? Laughable. I don’t even know how to respond to this. Sorry.

  16. Jeremy

    Penn State isn’t very good. Michigan was extremely beaten up when OSU played them. And it’s not laughable about LSU. For you to think that their schedules were similar is ridiculous. The Big 10 is not that good at all.

  17. Right now? No, it’s not. But here’s a little bit of a news flash for you. Schedules are set years in advance. You can’t predict which conference will be the best 10 years from now. These things are cyclical. Settle down and go enjoy your precious little SEC football. Leave us alone.

  18. Actually, Jeremy is from Akron. He’s not an SEC fan.

  19. My apologies Jeremy. But I think it’s obvious why it was easy to jump to that conclusion. And I still reject any notion that LSU can schedule cupcakes and OSU cannot.

  20. Jeremy

    Believe, I love Ohio State almost as much as the Browns and Indians. And you don’t need to apologize. I’m also not an SEC fan at all. I also know about scheduling. OSU has USC, Oklahoma, and Miami (FL) coming soon. The thing is, with those teams, you know what you’re getting into when you set the schedule. I don’t think OSU is afraid to play anyone, Tressel wouldn’t let them be. I think you’re right about college football being cyclical too. But can you remember anytime when the Big 10 was this down in talent across the board? Wisconsin isn’t that good, Penn State isn’t that good, Purdue isn’t that good, Norhwestern isn’t that good. Michigan was beat up for most of the year, and they will be re-tooling with Rodriguez there. Illinois was surprising and will keep getting better I think. So you have only two or three teams that are going to compete for a while. Michigans recruiting class isn’t very good either. Unless Pryor goes there, they aren’t getting much help and losing a lot. Illinois and Penn State have some players coming in. OSU has a lot coming in, with hopefully Pryor among them. But when you look at the SEC, Georgia, LSU, Florida, Alabama, Auburn, and Tennessee all have top 20 classes coming in.

  21. Illinois is definitely a program on the rise. Michigan is Michigan…they’ll be back before too long. Penn St can become a strong program again once JoePa finally leaves. Schools like Wisconsin, Purdue, and Iowa always have a chance to get back up there. I agree the Big Ten is down, but I don’t see any reason why it will stay this way. But regardless, OSU (and any other school, Big Ten or SEC or any other conference for that matter) shouldn’t schedule in a reactionary manner.

  22. Jeremy

    But typically, don’t schools schedule one or two games within a year or two of actually playing them? I know that they do most of it in advance.

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