About Halftime Adjustments


I’m Rick. That’s me with my daughter at her first Indians game. I am originally from Akron, Ohio. I grew up memorizing names like Byner, Kosar, Swindell, Tabler, Carter, Price, Daugherty, Nance etc. I knew their numbers. I knew their stats. Every friday night we went to a high school game. Every Saturday afternoon was Ohio State football. The Browns ruled Sunday. During the winter when there was no football to watch we cut our teeth on a crappy Cavs team that eventually gave the Bulls a run for their money. The Indians were a summer fling until the Browns were kidnapped in the middle of the night. Then they were the only game in town. And I learned how exciting the whole baseball season could be.

This blog is a release. It is about the teams that I grew up loving. It will be a soundboard for my rants and frustrations. It will record the ups and downs of the seasons. Mostly it will keep my wife from going nuts when I have to say something to someone about the Buckeyes in March, or wonder how the Indians could let so and so go without even trying to match a contract. If you stumbled onto this site, I hope that you enjoy my opinions, whether you agree with them or not.


Hi, I’m John. Like Rick, I grew up in the Akron area, but unlike him I was a childhood fan of the Dallas Cowboys. My sports heroes were Roger Staubach, Tony Dorsett, Butch Johnson, Randy White, Ed “Too Tall” Jones, and of course, Tom Landry. All of that changed when the dark ages of the Jerry Jones era began with the abrupt firing of my hero. That act cemented my fandom of the Cleveland Browns and I began learning the names Ozzie Newsome, Greg and Mike Pruitt, Tom DeLeone (I played center what can I say?). I have always been a Buckeye fan, in fact I had a shrine to Keith Byers in my room when I was in Middle School.

I think I agreed to do this blog with Rick for two reasons. First, I feel honored that Rick thought enough of my knowledge of sports (specifically Cleveland sports) to invite me to join him in contributing to the site. And second, I have commented a lot about how horrible many of the so-called experts are at relating sports commentary. Here’s my chance to show my own ignorance. I hope you are entertained by my rantings.


Hi, I’m Pat. Much like Rick and John I also grew up in the Akron area. I will claim my town…I hail from Barberton, OH. Home of Fried Chicken and former Olympic gold medalist, Glenn “Jeep” Davis.

To say I have always been a Cleveland fan would be a lie. Being some what of a front runner during hard times in Cleveland sports, I understand now the importance of rooting for the home team. The Browns, Indians, Cavaliers, and Buckeyes are a passion of mine now. I drive myself nuts, queasy and insane following these teams that I love. My fanatic attitude drives me to annoy others including my wife.

I live for Saturday’s watching the Buckeyes; getting an opportunity to watch the Tribe, Browns and Cavaliers and Buckeyes hoops team bring home a championship to Ohio and the Cleveland area.

4 things in my life I know I couldn’t live without; my relationship with my Creator, my wife, my family and sports. Having an opportunity to share with others about the great aura of Cleveland and Ohio State sports is a dream come true.

I am honored Rick and John invited me to join in sharing frustrations, rants, complaints and bringing fan’s a perspective from another fan!

4 responses to “About Halftime Adjustments

  1. I look forward to reading your opinions. Go Browns, Go Blue Jackets and much to your chagrin, go Fighting Irish!

    Also, I would like to list your blog on my forum. Would you be interested in performing a link swap?

  2. Thomas

    I just want to be on record as saying that John’s goatee absolutely destroys Rick’s goatee. John’s is Dude-level. I wonder what John could do with a full beard.

  3. rickg15

    I…um…ok. (hangs head in shame)

  4. I like your site and GO BUCKS! I was wondering if you would like to do a link exchange?

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