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How about this blockbuster trade?

Yeah, it’s a rumor, and not really a solid one, but hey…I can dream too!


Buster Olney reported today that there may be a surprise team in the Dan Haren lottery. Oh please, let it be true.

But there is an interesting sleeper in the Dan Haren sweepstakes: the Cleveland Indians, who clearly would have the prospects and the motive to finish a deal.

Cleveland is loaded with young starting pitchers who it could put in the deal, from Jeremy Sowers to Adam Miller to Aaron Laffey. And if the Indians become convinced that they are not going to be able to re-sign C.C. Sabathia, who is eligible for free agency after next season, they may view Haren as a low-cost replacement for Sabathia for 2009 and 2010 near the front of their rotation.

And with Haren in 2008, the Indians would field arguably the best rotation in the majors, assuming that Johan Santana doesn’t land with the Red Sox.

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Byrd, Bats haunt Red Sox!

The Indians beat Boston 7-3 Tuesday night, on the strength of good pitching and a seven run 5th inning. Hmmm, 7. That’s a good number for the Indians. How about a recap in seven parts, or more specifically the 7 reasons the Indians are 1 win away from a date with Colorado.

#7 Outstanding Defense


Not really known as a good defensive team, the Indians have made the plays in this series. In game 4, there were outstanding plays by Asdrubal Cabrera, who went high in the air to snatch a base hit away, plus Victor Martinez made a couple of really nice plays at first. Kenny Lofton and Franklin Gutierrez are providing outstanding coverage flanking Sizemore in the outfield. Then there are the double plays. 1 tonight, 3 last night, 3 Saturday night, even 1 in Friday’s loss. 4 games and 8 double plays. More than just the number of doubles turned, 6 of those were in key situations. The defense so far has been the pitching staff’s friend. Continue reading

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Cleveland flexes some muscle

John is going to take on the Browns recap, I’ll just say- that’s exactly what I thought was going to happen (shakes head sarcastically.)


I will mention that the Indians took the required two of three from the Royals this weekend. As was described in an earlier post, Casey Blake and the Tribe homered their way to a win on Friday night. On Saturday, Fausto Carmona pitched another gem, going 8 innings while allowing only 3 hits, 0 runs, and striking out 9. His record now stands at 17-8, with a 3.08 era. His 24 quality starts is actually one better than C.C.’s. (His era is too, but we don’t want to start rumors that he should win the Cy Young- it will split the Cleveland vote.) The Indians scored 6 runs on the night, 4 of which came in the eighth inning. It wouldn’t matter though, as Perez came in and struck out the side in the ninth. Continue reading


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Tribe takes care of business…next up Chicago


I’ll say this, they were efficient. The Indians scored 6 runs on 9 hits in beating the Angels 6-2. Aaron Laffey pitched well enough, and the bullpen continued it’s outstanding season by holding the Angels scoreless for 4 innings. The Tribe got big hits from Grady Sizemore and Ryan Garko, who hit a three run homer on an absolute hanger of a breaking ball from Jared Weaver. You knew that was going to be a homer by watching Garko’s eyes light up as the ball came near the plate. Seriously, that thing was a meatball and Garko drilled it. Continue reading

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Hafner powers Indians past Twins

Down to their last out, Cleveland found a way to win last night, thanks to Hafner’s second home run, AND Asdrubal Cabrera’s double. Much will be written about Pronk’s blasts, and there should be. But without Carbera’s two-out double, the game would never have gone to extra innings. Cabrera went 3-6 in the game, including that double off Minnesota closer Joe Nathan.

rafaelbetancourt.jpgHafner had his first multi-homer game of the season (could that be?) with his dad in the stands. His first home run ‘measured’ 424 feet. It was a monster drive into the upper deck in right field. I don’t think I’ve ever seen Pronk hit a ball that far. His 4 rbi carried the Tribe to a win when it looked like a loss. In fact, the Tribe’s 2-4 hitters went 7-15 with 5 rbi.

I have to give the bullpen some love though. Laffey struggled with his command and lasted only 4 innings. Lewis, Mastny, Betancourt, and Borowski combined to pitch 7 shutout innings. Betancourt deserves special mention, as he worked through a tough 10th innning and got a key strikeout against Joe Mauer with the bases loaded. Rafael came away with the win, his 4th on the season. He lowered his era to 1.48 with his 2 innings of work. Thanks to this bullpen the Indians officially buried the Twins, and took advantage of another Detroit loss. The Indians are now 7 games up with only 24 to play. Carmona gets the ball today. I’d like to see him put his last start behind him. He gave up 5 runs to the White Sox if you remember. I have to say that I’m excited Fausto won’t get a start against the Angels. It seems very likely that they could be our first round match-up, and they haven’t seen Fausto this year. That seems like advantage Indians to me.

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Tribe, Browns win walking away…

wedge.jpgWell, I’m not sure where to start tonight. Let’s try the Indians. A one out hit by Victor in the bottom of the ninth earned him a seat on the bench as Barfield came in to run. (I had to remind myself that Wedge had been ejected already, because I was ready to jump on him for that one.) Garko gets drilled in the elbow, pushing Barfield to second. Peralta flies out, leaving the runners where they were. Gutierrez works a walk with some rare plate discipline, loading the bases and setting the stage for Lofton. Two outs, bottom of the ninth in a tie game. The count goes full. Lofton fouls off a high outside pitch that could have ended it. Next pitch…did I mention it was a tie game? Do you know why?


Back-up to the top of the ninth. We have a 5-4 lead. The only reason we had a lead was very timely hitting by, well most of the line-up. See, all of our runs scored with two outs. In fact we had 8 hits with two outs. So Laffey pitched well enough to win, Perez allowed runners to score for the first time since like 1999, and we came back to take the lead. Done deal right? Not really. Enter Joe Bo. He walked the lead off batter. Gave up a single, then a sacrifice bunt. The tying run scored on a ball that just got past Borowski, but was handled by Cabrera for an out. Joe got his 6th blown save, and nearly his 6th loss.

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Well, the Indians did their job…

Tonight the Tribe had 17 hits, and scored 9 runs. They jumped out to an early lead, and held on for the win. Now in my pre-game post I asked for the offense to get Carmona his win, but what I didn’t realize is that Laffey was pitching tonight. vmarthomer.jpgSo Laffey gets all the offense, which pretty much followed form, as the fifth starter and Byrd seem to get all the run support. I also asked for them to pick up the game they dropped last night. That wish was granted when the Yankees beat the Tigers 7-2. So the lead is back up to 2.5 games, and the Tribe has Carmona pitching tomorrow (I promise this time.)

Victor had a big night, going 3-5 with 2 doubles and a home run. Sizemore also doubled and hit one out. The line-up tonight was interesting, with Sizemore leading off, followed by Cabrera (why not?) Hafner in the three spot, Victor hitting clean-up, then Garko, Peralta, Gutierrez, Lofton, and Blake. Garko was the only regular without a hit. Not sure about this line-up, can’t really judge it on a game where everyone beat the cover off the ball. I don’t mind giving Cabrera a shot at the two. He can’t do much worse than what we have been trotting out there lately. The relief pitchers finally got a chance to throw, and showed a little rust. Mastny got touched up in the ninth for a couple, even though most of that was due to defensive indifference.

The rumor mill is in full gear as the Braves are in the process of releasing Bob Wickman. Personally, I don’t think this is a move the Tribe really needs to make. Honestly Borowski probably equals a healthy Wickman. I don’t believe he is healthy however, as he has battled back and shoulder soreness. Now, if the Braves were wanting to get rid of Chipper Jones, then I’d be excited.

I’ll have my Browns comments soon, they didn’t quite fulfill all my pre-game desires, but they did better tonight than last week by far.


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