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Cavs down Spurs 90-88

The Cavs may have gained some confidence by winning in San Antonio.


The Cavs beat San Antonio at their own game Thursday night. They shot better from the perimeter, created turnovers, didn’t allow easy baskets, and played physical basketball. In keeping with Cavalier basketball, they out-rebounded the Spurs, built a decent lead, then nearly blew it.

LeBron was merely ‘average’ on Thursday, actually slightly below his average. He finished with 27 points, 9 rebounds and 7 assists. He also had 2 great blocked shots, and a 3rd that was called goal tending. It probably was, but it was another great hustle play as LeBron swatted a lay-up from behind. That is becoming LeBron’s signature defensive move.

Zydrunas Ilgauskas was a force, scoring 17 on only 11 shots. He took over for the Cavs offensively when LeBron went to the bench in the 2nd. That group of Z, Daniel Gibson, Devin Brown, Andy Varejao and Damon Jones actually turned a 7 point deficit into an 8 point lead. They did it with great defense and team offense. Devin Brown had an outstanding behind the back pass to Damon Jones on a 2 on 1 fast break. That was set up by a steal from Andy Varejao. It was as if the Cavs knew they had to do more with LeBron on the bench, only this time instead of jacking up jump shots, they played as a team. They made the extra pass and fed Z on the low post. It was the best effort I’ve seen from the bench this year. Continue reading

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See LeBron Score

Memphis forward Mike Miller was not even a speed bump for LeBron James.


Last night the FedEx Forum reminded me of the James A. Rhodes Arena in Akron. Just like in high school, LeBron James was driving to the basket at will, defenses helpless to stop him. It was a good thing too, because the Grizzles were shooting the lights out of the place.

First the numbers, the Cavs won 132-124 in OT. His highness scored 51 points, (a season high and the 4th 50+ point game in his career) had 9 assists and 8 boards. Once again LeBron came up huge down the stretch, scoring 25 in the 4th and OT. He finished 18 for 28 including 6 of 12 from triple territory. His help came from Gibson who had 18, Varejao (11), Gooden (12), and Z (14). Continue reading

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James leads Cavs over Bobcats

LeBron James waited…almost too long…to take over this one.


LeBron James led the Cavs in scoring, rebounding, assists, steals, and blocked shots. Yet, without a few of his teammates, the Cavs wouldn’t have pulled this one out. Andy Varejao came up big tonight, despite playing with a bruised knee and an Achilles sprain. Varejao grabbed 18 boards and scored 16 points in his 41 minutes. It was Andy that willed the Cavs back into the game in the second quarter when LeBron took a seat.

The Bobcats, and specifically Jason Richardson opened the game scorching hot. The Cavs managed to hang with Charlotte, and eventually opened up an 8 point lead in the second, as Richardson went cold. The Cavs finished the first half up 58-51. But, as has been the trend for the Cavs, they started the third quarter cold, and relinquished the lead. James, who had 13 points at the half, didn’t score at all in the 3rd frame. Continue reading


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Making Headlines…at least small ones


Let me be pretty clear about this, the only circumstances under which Halftime Adjustments will refer to the ballpark in which the Indians play as ‘Progressive Field’, would be in some sort of sarcastic harsh tone. Since 1994 the Indians have, and until it is knocked down, will always play at the Jake.

Cavalier Shannon Brown requested to be sent to the developmental league. The Cavs granted his wish yesterday. My guess is that barring injury or trade that will be the last we see of Shannon Brown in Cleveland. It is obvious that the Cavs have no interest in Shannon past this season, and he wasn’t getting playing time lately. Shannon had an opportunity to play when LeBron was injured, but really wasn’t ready to shoulder that much of the load. Perhaps a couple weeks of solid games for the Vipers will increase Shannon’s trade value. I’m sure that was his intention, plus the opportunity to play every day. Continue reading


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Cavs Run Past Sonics

For maybe the first time this season, the Cavs dominated an opponent from start to finish.


The Cavs turned up the defensive intensity and the result was an easy win against Seattle 95-79. The Cavs outscored the Sonics in each of the first 3 quarters and built a 20 point lead in the early part of the 4th quarter. This allowed LeBron and the starting group to get a little more rest than usual, as they have to play in Atlanta tonight.

Daniel Gibson shot the lights out, connecting on 5 of 8 three pointers, and all the Cavs seemed to get in on the defensive lock down. Larry Hughes made a nice steal leading to a thunderous LeBron dunk late in the third quarter. Andy was his usual hustling self, and even made a few baskets just outside the paint (if I hadn’t seen it myself I might not believe it.) Z never really got going, but with the pace was quicker with the steals and defensive pressure. The Cavs finished with 15 steals. Now honestly, the Sonics are to blame for a good portion of those. They did not handle the ball well. (There’s an understatement.)

Kevin Durant started slow, but showed promise, scoring 24 before leaving the game with a ankle sprain. He came down on Sasha’s foot I believe and that ended his night. He didn’t do anything extraordinary to impress me during the game, just played solid and knocked down some shots. Continue reading


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LeBron gets win, Kobe gets accolades

I’m sure you read the ESPN articles leading up to last night’s game comparing Kobe with LeBron. Last night when the chalk cleared, LeBron was standing on top.


The Cavs, lead by LeBron James, rebounded from a terrible game against the Knicks on Wednesday with a gritty effort against the Lakers. It was a excellent defensive fourth quarter effort that earned the Cavs a 94-90 win. The Lakers scored a mere 12 points in the final period, and Bryant had only 2 of those. In contrast, LeBron scored 6 of his 33 points in the 4th, and grabbed 3 boards in the final frame.

If you ask LeBron who the best player in the league is, there is little question what his response would be-

Kobe Bryant is definitely the most explosive player we have in this league,” James said. “There’s no one like him.”

High praise, but if it’s all the same to you LeBron, we’ll take you in this debate. Let’s go to the video… Continue reading


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James, Varejao return, Hughes stars

When we signed Larry Hughes back in ’05, this was the kind of performance we hoped to see.


This one was over before it started. Actually, it wasn’t over until the Cavs’ trio of LeBron James, Larry Hughes and Andy Varejao took the court with 6 minutes to go in the first quarter. Then the rout was on. The Cavs slashed, dished and shot their way to a 118-105 victory, that really wasn’t that close. Larry Hughes led the way with 36 points on 13 of 17 shooting, including 5 of 8 from deep. He played only 26 minutes, but was very effective in his time on the floor. Hughes was free to roam the court playing a true shooting guard in his minutes tonight. According to coach Mike Brown, that is the role Hughes will play from now on. In fact, Brown said he intends to bring Hughes off the bench. Certainly he has the ability to energize the team and provide a boost coming off the bench. Now, let’s not get crazy and think that he will shoot 76% and score 30+ every night, but if he can provide that 15-20 point lift, especially when LeBron is resting this team is dangerous.

Continue reading


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That didn’t take long…

ESPN reports that the Cavs have indeed matched the offer sheet given to Anderson Varejao by the Bobcats. It is not known at this time when the Cavs can expect their high-energy big man back in the line-up.

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Varejao signs contract with Bobcats

Anderson Varejao has inked a deal with the Charlotte Bobcats. The Cavs now have one week to match, or the wild-haired one is free to leave.


Credit Cleveland Sports Authority with the first scoop on this one. It seems the Bobcats have tendered a three year, $17.4 million dollar deal. The contract reportedly has an opt-out clause after 2 seasons. So the big question now, is whether or not the Cavaliers will match. $5.8 million per season is much higher than the Cavaliers have been offering their 6th man, but it also well short of the $8 million per that Anderson’s agent had offered the Cavs, and for half the years.

Do the Cavs have that much room left on the books? If they do, (and I imagine that would mean the mid-level exemption) it would be hard to imagine that they wouldn’t match. The Cavs can desperately use Varejao’s energy and defense. It is hard to imagine them as a Championship caliber team without him. He is a valuable piece, but not if he ties the Cavaliers’ hands for years to come. This deal seems to be the right amount. Let’s get it done and move on with the season.

Seems like the Charlotte Observer has an additional take on this story. Rick Bonnell seems to think this could be a favor for agent Dan Fegan to move the process along. Not that the Bobcats wouldn’t like to have Anderson, but it seems they are figuring the Cavs will indeed match.

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So, we are at an impasse

Read an interview from ESPN’s Chad Ford today. He talked with Anderson Varejao from his home in Brazil. The article paints a bleak picture for the Clevelanders that are fans of the wild haired flop artist. It seems there is little chance of Varejao playing in Cleveland anytime soon. Ford spreads the blame around in the article. Apparently Danny Ferry has developed a reputation around the league for being a difficult negotiator. Continue reading


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Can a brother get some help?

LeBron James had a triple-double by the third quarter. It wasn’t enough to beat the Jazz.


Seriously. James had 32 points, 15 rebounds and 13 assists. Cavs lose 103-101. We’ll give Ilgauskas a pass, he had 18 and 14. He certainly did his job again. Oh yeah, he had 4 blocks to go with that. Gooden had a terrible shooting night, hitting only 2 of 11. Sasha Pavlovic finally started to resemble the Sasha we saw last year, with 17 points, but where was the defense Sasha? Daniel Gibson hit a few shots early, and fouled out with 12 points and 3 assists in over 30 minutes. Damon Jones was…well Damon Jones.

Once again the Cavs lost control of the game when James sat down for 3 minutes at the end of the third quarter. I don’t know what the answer is here, but I remember last year when James sat we saw healthy doses of Sasha penetrating and Zydrunas posting up. If Sasha isn’t up to speed why not throw the ball down low to Ilgauskas? He has been a machine so far this season. He is averaging 17 points and 14 boards a game. Continue reading


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The Return of Sasha

As promised Pat’s article about Sasha Pavlovic. 


As the Association kicked off its 2007-08 campaign last night many Cavs fans including yours truly was wondering what does this season hold for our reigning Eastern Conference champs. Oh boy, what a difference a night makes.

As this once called guru awoke opening day for the Wine and Gold, he made breakfast and tuned as he does every morning to Mike and Mike on ESPN2. As the ticker on ESPN2 ran across saying “Cavaliers and G/F Sasha Pavlovic reach terms on a 3 year deal”, the excitement for tonight’s game grew even greater. The terms are somewhere in the neighborhood of 5 million a year, not a bad deal for a weapon like Sasha.

Immediate reports say that Pavlovic may be at the game tonight, but will not play. During his hold out he was working out twice a day with a coach in his home country of Serbia Montenegro to maintain his condition to be ready when signed. Continue reading


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The King and His Court Start Defense of the Eastern Crown Tomorrow

 Halftime Adjustments’ basketball guru Pat Glasser is optimistic about the Cavs chances to win another Conference crown. Let’s hope he’s right!


With the NBA season tipping off tomorrow against Dallas, so does the quest of the Cleveland Cavaliers to defend their Eastern Conference title. The defending conference champs have a slightly different look as the approach the start of the 2007-08 season. The biggest difference obviously, is being without 2 important pieces from last season- Sasha Pavlovic and Anderson Varejao. These two players remained unsigned, but many people think as the season starts both players will rejoin the team sooner rather than later. Continue reading

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Seriously, is this the plan?

Excuse me, Mr. Ferry. I have to ask you a question- Is this it? Is this the team that we are going to battle with?


Get ready to see this frequently. This is LeBron having to tell one of his teammates what to do. Remember how every year LeBron has come out and called Larry Hughes ‘Robin’ to his ‘Batman’? I’m not hearing that this year. Maybe after spending the summer playing with the likes of Kobe Bryant, Carmelo Anthony, Dwight Howard and the rest of Team USA, LeBron realizes what he has in Cleveland. Not enough. Continue reading


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Cavs add a pair of Hornets

Over the weekend the Cavs finally made their first move this off season. They signed free agent guard Devin Brown, and traded David Wesley to New Orleans for forward Cedric Simmons.


Brown is 28 years old and had many career highs last year, but that is not to say he was a steady performer. A bit streaky, Brown played in 58 games last year, starting 49 of those. He is not a 3 point threat, nor is he a fantastic point guard prospect. Brown was one of 3 players traded by the Jazz to Golden State for Derek Fisher, but was cut after training camp. He signed with New Orleans in December and finished out the year. Brown was on the ’04-’05 Spurs team that won a title. He played some significant minutes for the Spurs in the playoffs, particularly against the Lakers when he added 15 points and 6 boards coming off the bench. Continue reading

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