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Tressel did what???

Here’s the first line of an article I came across…

Jim Tressel encouraged 13 of his juniors to ask the NFL where they might be selected in the next draft.


Of course my first thought was along the lines of, “What are you thinking? Have you gone mad?” But as I continued to read through the article, which is an AP article available after the jump, I realized Tressel was simply trying to control the situation. There is no doubt that some of these young men would be entertaining notions of leaving early, and Tressel wants them to understand where they would stand if they decided to enter the upcoming draft. It also seems like he is trying to avoid a repeat of what happened last year, when players might have been distracted by talk of the NFL before the big game. It seems the players themselves realized this could have been a problem last year, and are taking steps to correct it. They have decided as a group not to talk about it until after the game against LSU. Let’s hope that’s true.

As for Tressel, it makes a lot of sense for him to help his players make this difficult decision. He has invested a lot into their lives for the last three years, and he is always trying to make them better men, not just better football players. Despite what Mo Clarrett said, Jim Tressel does have his players’ best interest at heart. I suppose I am more comfortable with our young players getting coached through this process by the Vest than Ted Ginn’s dad, like what happened last year. Perhaps Antonio Pittman would have come back for his senior year, instead of bolting for the NFL. He could have been a Heisman finalist this year. Instead, he sits on the Rams’ bench. Full Article follows… Continue reading


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NFL News and Notes

frye.jpgThe Browns have announced that Charlie Frye will be the starter for the Pittsburgh game. Crennel said that Frye give the team the best chance to win against the Steelers. Hmmm…I think I said something pretty similar about a month ago. Seriously, I don’t many people that believed anyone but Frye would start this game. What was interesting to me is that Crennel said the QB situation will be evaluated on a week by week basis. Wow. That’s kind of brutal isn’t it? Better not have a mediocre game…that hook is coming if you do. Romeo also failed to mention who was going to be the second string QB. Let me end the suspense…if the Browns are getting shelled, Quinn might see the field this week. If it is a close game and Frye goes down, you better believe Anderson is getting the ball. Continue reading

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