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Art Modell, most hated owner in sports

This comes as no surprise to anyone who follows the Browns. ESPN’s page 2 came out with a list of the most hated owners in all of sports. That Art Modell came in first is not a surprise to me, the surprise was that he wasn’t second and thrid as well.

Former Cavs owner Ted Stepien came in 18th. Congratulations Ted! And speking of hated Cavs…the same author rated Jim Paxson the 13th hated GM in sports history. Nice to see the Cavs well represented on the list.

For the coaches- Bill Belichick made the list at #2 for his performance in Cleveland, and Butch Davis was ranked 17th. Again, these are not surprises.

So what do we learn from these lists? Well, our angst is primarily targeted at the Browns and Cavs apparently. I wonder why the Indians got a pass for the 70’s and 80’s? Oh and by the way, John Cooper is fortunate that this list is limited to pro sports.


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Will the punishment fit the crime?


Let me say this up front- I am not a Jet fan. What I am wondering is why the punishment for the Patriots’ sideline videography isn’t going to include forfeiting the game that they were caught cheating in? I don’t quite understand the logic to this. Sure, I think that losing draft picks is a serious penalty, but I don’t think it should be the only penalty. I’ve read from football insiders that the penalty could be as severe as a second round pick and a fifth round pick, more than likely not in the same draft. My question is why not make them forfeit the Jets game and take away a second round pick? Wouldn’t that be a serious deterrent from cheating?

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