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An Order of Crow With a Side of Humble Pie to go, Please

John returns with his state of the Browns evaluation, and this time it’s surprisingly optimistic. 


Hey everyone . . . So, last time you heard from me I was entertaining the idea of calling for Romeo Crennel’s head. OK, I admit I was a bit hasty; mostly because I was writing out of frustration after watching my beloved Browns give away a game to the Steelers. I have had some time to settle and have to admit that this team has made significant improvement this season.

At the beginning of the season, my hope was that the Browns would win 8 games. Well, Sunday’s win over the Jets was number 8, and with 3 games to play the Browns are staring at a likely playoff berth: they hold the second Wild Card spot with destiny in their hands (a good position to be in). There is even an outside (way outside) shot at the North Division Champion spot as Pittsburgh continues to struggle. When all is said and done, I believe the Browns have a really solid shot at winning 10 games.

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Does Brady Quinn need to play?

Hear me out Browns’ fans. I’m not saying he should be the starting QB…


As the Browns continue to win, and get closer to the playoffs, Derek Anderson cements his place as the team’s starting QB. He will get Pro-Bowl consideration this season. He has led this team to their best record since my nephew was born. But let me ask you a question, if Derek were to get hurt this week or next what would happen to the Browns’ playoff chances?

The Browns have a second string QB that has never thrown a pass, or taken a snap in an NFL regular season game. Imagine this scenario, fourth quarter of a playoff game in Pittsburgh with the Browns down 4 and D.A. gets Kimo’d. (Sorry Bengal fans.) Quinn comes in for his first ever series? Is that fair?

So here’s my suggestion. Sometime in the next couple of weeks (like say, this one) Romeo needs to pull Derek and Brady in the office and have a conversation something like this- Continue reading


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The state of the Browns

The bye week has come and gone. Now the Browns prepare for the stretch drive. They sit at 3-3, and have some very winnable games coming up. This week they play the winless St. Louis Rams. This Rams team has certainly been one of the bigger disappointments of the NFL so far. That being said, they are still a dangerous team. They have Torry Holt and Steven Jackson is returning from injury this week. The Browns have yet to win a road game, and haven’t won consecutive games since Reagan was in the White House. (They may be an exaggeration.) Even still, they are favored to win, and many experts are picking the Browns.


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The Browns Bengals Enigma

What do you get when you cross an offensive powder keg like Cincinnati with a Browns team struggling to find an offensive identity? An unbelievable offensive shootout, of course.

anderson and Palmer

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Charlie, We Hardly Knew Ye


So, Charlie Frye is now Matt Hasselbeck’s back-up. I say, good for him, bad for the Browns. I am also not surprised in the least. As quick as Crennel pulled him for Anderson Sunday I knew Charlie wasn’t going to be wearing the brown and orange for long. It’s my opinion that Frye has been on the trading block since training camp began. The powers that be were just afraid to pull the trigger until now because of Quinn’s holdout and lack of practice in the system. Crennel has never really shown any confidence in Frye and Anderson has never really performed. Continue reading

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Charlie Frye will not start this week

That’s not much of a limb, since he was TRADED THIS AFTERNOON!


Frye was traded to the Seahawks for what looks like a 6th round draft pick. Rumors started floating as early as yesterday when Ken Dorsey’s truck was spotted at Brown’s headquarters. Brady Quinn was upset when Dorsey was cut, claiming that Dorsey was the best mentor that Quinn had on the team. If that doesn’t send a chill down your spine I don’t know what will. How about trading for Charlie Batch, or Vinny Testaverde to mentor young Brady? What’s Montana doing these days? Sign him up. I’d give up a roster spot so that Quinn has the right kind of NFL education. Continue reading


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NFL News and Notes

frye.jpgThe Browns have announced that Charlie Frye will be the starter for the Pittsburgh game. Crennel said that Frye give the team the best chance to win against the Steelers. Hmmm…I think I said something pretty similar about a month ago. Seriously, I don’t many people that believed anyone but Frye would start this game. What was interesting to me is that Crennel said the QB situation will be evaluated on a week by week basis. Wow. That’s kind of brutal isn’t it? Better not have a mediocre game…that hook is coming if you do. Romeo also failed to mention who was going to be the second string QB. Let me end the suspense…if the Browns are getting shelled, Quinn might see the field this week. If it is a close game and Frye goes down, you better believe Anderson is getting the ball. Continue reading

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