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Forget Derek Anderson and Jamal Lewis…

Without Rob Chudzinski, the Browns are in trouble.


Found this in the Plain Dealer today.

Browns offensive coordinator Rob Chudzinski will interview for the Baltimore Ravens head-coaching position, General Manager Phil Savage said Thursday. Chudzinski, in his first year with the Browns, helped develop the Cleveland offense into one of the best in the NFL. The Browns ranked eighth in the league with an average of 25.1 points and 351.3 yards per game. One reason for their success was quarterback Derek Anderson, who was fifth in the NFL with 29 touchdown passes.

The Browns’ success this season can be attributed to many things; a revamped and healthy offensive line, a solid running game led by Jamal Lewis, the improved play of Braylon Edwards, Kellen Winslow and of course Derek Anderson. But in my opinion, Rob Chudzinski was reason 1A that the Browns’ offense was a success. Continue reading


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Pro Bowl Snubs Announced

Wow. How Eric Steinbach was left off that roster I’ll never know.


Congratulations to Josh Cribbs, who will be the ‘starting’ kick returner for the AFC Pro-Bowl squad, and also to Braylon Edwards who made the roster at WR. Those two are certainly deserving of their first Pro-Bowl appearance. Unfortunately for Cribbs and Edwards, every article written about the Browns and the Pro-Bowl will more than likely focus on who was not invited to Hawaii. I understand that because of injuries another Brown or two might find themselves invited, but there is something to be said for being nominated from the get-go.

We know this for certain- Browns guard Eric Steinbach was the leading vote-getter on the offensive line from the fans. That vote is supposed to count for one-third of the final tally. The other two-thirds come from the players and the coaches. So what does that tell us? Well, apparently Eric is either not well liked, or not well respected among those in the league. He was first among guards from the fans, and obviously didn’t crack the top three from either the coaches or the players or he would have made the roster. Continue reading


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An Order of Crow With a Side of Humble Pie to go, Please

John returns with his state of the Browns evaluation, and this time it’s surprisingly optimistic. 


Hey everyone . . . So, last time you heard from me I was entertaining the idea of calling for Romeo Crennel’s head. OK, I admit I was a bit hasty; mostly because I was writing out of frustration after watching my beloved Browns give away a game to the Steelers. I have had some time to settle and have to admit that this team has made significant improvement this season.

At the beginning of the season, my hope was that the Browns would win 8 games. Well, Sunday’s win over the Jets was number 8, and with 3 games to play the Browns are staring at a likely playoff berth: they hold the second Wild Card spot with destiny in their hands (a good position to be in). There is even an outside (way outside) shot at the North Division Champion spot as Pittsburgh continues to struggle. When all is said and done, I believe the Browns have a really solid shot at winning 10 games.

Continue reading


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Browns’ O-Line dominant in OT win over Seahawks

Jamal Lewis runs for 4 TD’s; no sacks allowed all day for Browns!


The Browns fell behind early, but came on late to win a close game over a good opponent. The Seahawks may not be a Superbowl contender this year, but they came in with a 4-3 record, good enough for first in the weak NFC West. The Browns had trouble stopping Seattle’s passing attack, as Hasslebeck picked the Browns apart to the tune of 318 yards. Everytime the Browns had Seattle in a third and 5 it seemed Bobby Engram was always open. Well, judging by his 14 catches and 139 yards I guess he was.

This game nearly went into the loss column for two reasons. First, the Browns stubborn refusal to rush more than 3 defenders. On Seattle’s game tying drive in the fourth quarter, the Browns sent only three rushers everytime. It might as well have been a 2 man rush, because nose tackle Shaun Smith seemed to take every other play off, staying at the line of scrimmage and trying to bat the ball down. Had it not been for a replay reversal of a Hasslebeck scramble, the Browns probably lose that game because they couldn’t get any pressure on the QB.

The second reason the Browns nearly lost this game was dropped passes. There were at least six balls dropped by Browns receivers. Braylon Edwards had the most violations, including a drive killer in the fourth quarter, and a dropped TD pass that eventually was overcome by a Lewis TD run. Winslow also dropped a TD on that drive, but stayed focused and set up the game tying score with a nice catch and run to the 1 yard line. Winslow finished with 125 yards on 11 catches. Edwards had an off game, failing to reach the end zone while grabbing 5 balls for 67 yards. Continue reading


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Browns overcome early deficit, penalties to beat Rams


File that one under ‘we’ll take it’. The Browns won ugly, but they won a game on the road for the first time this season, and they won consecutive games for the first time since 2003. They overcame an early 14 point hole en route to a 27-20 victory. Continue reading

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Browns are the bully this time


What a role reversal. The Baltimore Ravens came into Cleveland and got pushed around a little for the first time since the Browns returned to the league. Perhaps most ironic was that former Ravens were doing the pushing. Jamal Lewis and Derek Anderson had good days for the Browns, getting a little revenge against their former team. The Browns opened the game with a great kick return by Cribbs, then a methodical drive down the field that ate clock, and culminated on a touchdown catch by Joe Jurevicius. That set the tone for the game. We will not be pushed around today.

The defense came through when Leigh Bodden intercepted a McNair pass, setting up a beautiful 78 yard TD throw to Braylon Edwards, who got his man to bite on an inside route, but ran the fly. Suddenly it was 14-0, and the Ravens were in trouble. Continue reading

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Fantasy Football Projections week 3

Well, 2 weeks into the season we can begin to get an idea of where teams are at. For example- the Patriots* were worth the preseason hype. They have a dynamic offense, and that is without getting much production from Maroney or Stallworth. (I should know, I have both of those guys!) The Falcons are an absolute mess. Still. They will attempt to get Byron Leftwich in town and up to speed quickly. Will he make a difference? Probably not much. A couple of teams are mysteries- like the Saints. What has happened to this offense? And where in the world did the Bengals hide their defense? Last week’s fantasy stud(s) come from the Cleveland/Cincinnati game…

anderson and Palmer

How about this, the position that won or lost your fantasy match-up this week was probably the WR position. Chad Johnson, Steve Smith, Braylon Edwards, Randy Moss, Andre Johnson, and Joey Galloway all caught multiple TD’s and went over 100 yards. Joe Jurevicius and T.J. Houshmanzadeh also caught 2 scores, but failed to crack the century mark. What a wierd start to the fantasy season. How about Travis Henry, Jamal Lewis, and Willie Parker all have more yards than Tomlinson, Larry Johnson, and Ronnie Brown COMBINED! Let’s get to the projections, remember the number next to each player’s name is a rating from 1 to 5 on how strong a week they are likely to have… Continue reading


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The Browns Bengals Enigma

What do you get when you cross an offensive powder keg like Cincinnati with a Browns team struggling to find an offensive identity? An unbelievable offensive shootout, of course.

anderson and Palmer

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Fantasy Football Week 1 Projections

nfl.gifThe first week of the NFL season is the toughest to project, but even so there are some indicators and warning signs that can be heeded. We’ll go through the schedule and make suggestions and recommendations for each game and team. Let’s do it.

Thursday Night-

Colts vs Saints

For the Colts; Manning, Addai, Harrison, and Wayne are no brainers. You didn’t need me to tell you that. While the Colts have started out slow in the past, there is no reason to think they will struggle terribly offensively. For the Saints; Brees, Bush, and Colston should put up the numbers you drafted them for. I had McAllister last year, and he was a great last round investment. This year he scares me a little. As Reggie Bush matures in that offense he will see the ball more and more. Deuce may be a safe play this week, but I am keeping my eye on this situation. The key match-up here is Colts left tackle Tony Ugoth vs Saints DE Will Smith. Smith had 10.5 sacks last year and was invited to Hawaii. He puts pressure on Peyton in this game. Expect at least a sack from him. This game is a shootout. Fantasy points abound. Continue reading


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At Last . . . A Faint Glimmer

Charlie FryeOk . . . I’m not lining up for playoff tickets or have delusions of a 10 win season or anything, but Last night’s game showed me something that kept my hopes of 8-8 alive. Charile Frye led the Browns offense down the field and scored on a Lewis 1 yard touchdown run. There it is: offensive points and an admirable drive. Frye ended up 5 for 7 with 68 yards passing and 13 yards rushing. All in all a decent start. Lewis had 48 yards on 15 carries with the touchdown. Derek Anderson was 7 for 9 with 74 yards and Brady Quinn was 7 for 11 with 81 yards and a 20 yard touchdown toss to Josh Cribbs. Once again no one stood out as the no doubt starting QB for this squad.

I still have plenty of concerns; like the defense giving up 91 yards on 17 carries to Selvin Young and 54 yards on 11 carries to Cecil Sapp. However, most of that yardage was surrendered in the second half. I am also disappointed by the penalties: 8 penalties for 55 yards. One nullified an interception on the Broncos’ first drive. There were two false start penalties: one on the Brown’s second drive forcing a punt when It appeared they would try to convert a 4th and 2, and the other making 2nd and 4 into 2nd and 9 killing the momentum on another drive.  I also don’t like to see 4 sacks. Continue reading


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Look Busy, The Boss is Here

Yesterday, NFL boss, Commissioner Roger Goodell,  visited Berea and met with the Browns’ players, coaches, executives, and media.Roger Goodell It reminds me of the meetings we had at Cincinnati Christian before semesters and breaks. It was the, “Remember you represent us, so don’t make us look bad” kind of pep talk. But according to the responses of Browns’ players and Coach Crennel it meant more than that and was very well received.

Rookie Defensive Back Eric Wright said about Goodell, “He’s going to defend and have our best interest in mind, so you have to respect that.” Even veteran Wide Receiver Joe Jurevicius was impressed, “It’s obvious his message is going to be effective.”

Romeo Crennel agreed with Goodell’s approach to discipline, “Basically, we are all responsible for what we do,” said Coach Crennel. “And if we don’t do the right thing, there’s a consequence to be paid for it. And that’s all of us. So a rule is a rule, we know what it is, and if we don’t follow the rule we have to pay the price.”

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Browns pre-season preview- the offense

Well, let’s get offensive. Actually, can we be less offensive (off-fence-ive) when we braylonedwards.jpghave the ball? What the Browns have been doing for the past several years has been an embarrassment to football. Can we move the ball this year? Can we, heaven braylonedwards.jpgbraylonedwards.jpgforbid, cross the goal line more than once or twice a game? Let’s pick the offense apart. (Why not us, everyone else in the league did…thank you, thank you very much, I’ll be here all week)braylonedwards.jpgbraylonedwards.jpgbraylonedwards.jpgbraylonedwards.jpg

We’ll start with the line. The big move in free agency was adding Eric Steinbach. The Browns gave the former Bengal more than 7 million per season. That’s a lot of money for a guard, but let’s face facts- the Browns haven’t sniffed a pro-bowl lineman since they returned to the league. Steinbach has that kind of potential. He should be a huge upgrade on the left side of the line. The next major move was drafting Joe Thomas. Thomas will have big shoes to fill, as he is expected to be in the mold of Orlando Pace, Walter Jones, and Jonathon Ogden. That might be too much to place on Thomas’ shoulders, but he should be better than say Robert Gallery. (Continued jamal.jpgjamal.jpgafter the jump.) Continue reading

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