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I am a fan.


I am a Cleveland sports fan. I was raised that way. I’m not the only one. I know that around Ohio, and scattered around the country, people were hurting as I was yesterday. I feel like Victor does in this photo. I could hardly watch at the end either. I never saw the last half inning of the game. If I hadn’t seen something about it when searching for photos, I’d have never known that Casey Blake was the last out. It was too painful to watch.

The last 12 months have been pretty brutal for those of us that follow the teams that this blog is primarily about. The Browns were abysmal last season. But the Buckeyes put on an unbelievable show. They won game after game after game, including the most monumental rivalry game of my lifetime. And then, they completely fell to pieces. The Cavs and Buckeye basketball teams had great regular seasons. Mike Conley came to life and along with superstar Oden propelled the team into the Championship game. And got beaten soundly. Continue reading


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heartbroken. again.

(not my original choice for song. apparently Billy Joel doesn’t allow embedding. link here.)

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Art Modell, most hated owner in sports

This comes as no surprise to anyone who follows the Browns. ESPN’s page 2 came out with a list of the most hated owners in all of sports. That Art Modell came in first is not a surprise to me, the surprise was that he wasn’t second and thrid as well.

Former Cavs owner Ted Stepien came in 18th. Congratulations Ted! And speking of hated Cavs…the same author rated Jim Paxson the 13th hated GM in sports history. Nice to see the Cavs well represented on the list.

For the coaches- Bill Belichick made the list at #2 for his performance in Cleveland, and Butch Davis was ranked 17th. Again, these are not surprises.

So what do we learn from these lists? Well, our angst is primarily targeted at the Browns and Cavs apparently. I wonder why the Indians got a pass for the 70’s and 80’s? Oh and by the way, John Cooper is fortunate that this list is limited to pro sports.

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Avoiding the disappointmet…

SabathiaSince ‘The Sweep’ as it will come to be known in Cleveland sports lore. (For some reason we feel the need to name our disappointments- Red Right 88, The Drive, The Fumble, The Shot, The Collapse…) I have thrown my sports self in to the Indians and their quest to win the division. Currently they sit atop the Central by a game over the Tigers, and the Twins are 6.5 back, but certainly within striking distance. I have to say that nothing tickles me more this year than knowing that the White Sux have collapsed. Three teams are enough to battle for one division title thank you.

While we wait for Sizemore and Pronk to remember that they are all-star caliber players- the pitching staff has been excellent this year. Sabathia finally is showing signs of being a true ace, and Carmona has been a fantastic surprise so far. I always have reservations about young arms going to the post-season, but what he has given the Tribe already this year is more than you bargained for with him. Hopefully Westbrook and Lee will regain the form that they had last season. If they do- we should glide to the division crown.

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