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Leclaire makes St. Louis sing the Blues

Since I’m in way too positive of a mood to write about the Cavs, let’s focus on the Jackets tonight, who are 5-0-1 in their last 6 games. They have the hottest goalie in the game, and a superstar in Steve er, Rick Nash. (Sorry, still thinking about the Cavs.)


Pascal Leclaire had a 21 save shut-out against the Blues Sunday night. Rick Nash scored his 10th goal of the young season on a beautiful play. Nash caught the puck in front and left of the net, then squeezed through traffic and dropped the puck on the ice a split second before sending it past Toivonen. Malhotra and Chimera each contributed a goal in the 3-0 win.

The win gives the Jackets 18 points, tied for second most in the conference behind Detroit. (Hooray! Another reason to root against a Detroit team!) As mentioned in an earlier post, the Blue Jackets have a tough week, but started it off right. They go to Chicago to face the Blackhawks Wednesday, then a match-up against the division leading Red Wings on Friday, and finally a trip to Nashville on Saturday. I’m going to guess that Leclaire sits that one out. Time to set the DVR. Get ’em Columbus!

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Jackets stand toe to toe with champs



That was a physical hockey game. Again, let me throw out the disclaimer- I have been watching hockey for about two weeks. This was without question the toughest game I’ve seen the Jackets involved in. The Ducks are the defending champs and I guess I saw why. They can skate and throw down. They were relentless. The good news is that Columbus stood toe to toe and earned a point with a shootout loss. Fedorov missed an open net with his chance in the shootout, but was praised by announcers for a good game. Nash had a chance for a rebound shot late in the third, but was wide as well. Continue reading


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Great game last night

Last night I watched a team with energy and hustle. I watched a team play good defense and attack every scoring opportunity. They played as a team and willed themselves to victory. Obviously I’m not talking about the Cavs, who were terrible. Pathetic even. And I’m not talking about the Mavericks, who simply played better than the Cavs. I’m talking about the Columbus Blue Jackets.

Now before you stop reading┬áthe article, let me say this. I am not a hockey fan. I have never been a hockey fan. I know nothing about the game. But I have watched a few games this year, and I have to say this Blue Jackets team is fun to watch. Last night they played the Kings, and won 4-1. I don’t think it was because they have that much better talent, but rather because they seemed to want to win more. And they played as a team. Each line contributed something last night, whether it was penalty killing or attacking the net. In fact, with only 5 minutes left in the game and the Jackets up 3-1 you would expect Columbus to stay in their zone and play defense to cling to the lead. This team was on the attack for a solid 2 or 3 minutes in that time.


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