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Merry Christmas

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from us here at Halftime Adjustments!


It would be too easy. I could rip the Browns, and in particular Derek Anderson for that dismal performance yesterday. I could lament how Anderson could have just cost my favorite team their first playoff appearance in years, while at the same time throwing my shot at a fantasy football title in the dumpster. Or I could write about the Cavs. I could spew venom for an hour about the Wine and Gold getting ripped on their home court last night by the Warriors. I could gripe about them never having a lead in the game. I could continue to rant about the albatross around the Cavaliers neck that is Larry Hughes.

But I’m not. Instead, I will say Merry Christmas to you. I hope that you are celebrating the birth or our savior with friends and family. I will also mention that I don’t plan on posting much this week, as I will be celebrating with my family.

If I could give Christmas presents to our favorite teams, I would give the Cavs relief from their salary cap struggles, as well as a point guard that can maximize the talent already on the roster. I would give the Browns some help on the defensive line, and turn back the clock to allow them a do over of yesterday’s game. The Indians would get an all-star left fielder, health for those with nagging injuries (Hafner) and a dominating closer. The Buckeyes would get exactly what they need- redemption in the form of a BCS title. Here’s hoping they don’t need any help from me on that one!

 Merry Christmas!

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Fantasy Football Projections week 3

Well, 2 weeks into the season we can begin to get an idea of where teams are at. For example- the Patriots* were worth the preseason hype. They have a dynamic offense, and that is without getting much production from Maroney or Stallworth. (I should know, I have both of those guys!) The Falcons are an absolute mess. Still. They will attempt to get Byron Leftwich in town and up to speed quickly. Will he make a difference? Probably not much. A couple of teams are mysteries- like the Saints. What has happened to this offense? And where in the world did the Bengals hide their defense? Last week’s fantasy stud(s) come from the Cleveland/Cincinnati game…

anderson and Palmer

How about this, the position that won or lost your fantasy match-up this week was probably the WR position. Chad Johnson, Steve Smith, Braylon Edwards, Randy Moss, Andre Johnson, and Joey Galloway all caught multiple TD’s and went over 100 yards. Joe Jurevicius and T.J. Houshmanzadeh also caught 2 scores, but failed to crack the century mark. What a wierd start to the fantasy season. How about Travis Henry, Jamal Lewis, and Willie Parker all have more yards than Tomlinson, Larry Johnson, and Ronnie Brown COMBINED! Let’s get to the projections, remember the number next to each player’s name is a rating from 1 to 5 on how strong a week they are likely to have… Continue reading


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Fantasy football projections week 2

Calm down, take a deep breath. Remember that 1 week does not make a trend. Matt Leinart will throw for more than 102 yards a week. Chris Brown will not lead the league in rushing. Things can be exposed in one week however. The Jacksonville defense had better make some adjustments, because a blueprint has been written against them. The Saints offense might have been exposed a little. Atlanta is a complete mess. We’re going to switch up the way we project, we’ll give you a ranking for the players from a scale of 1-5. 5 is the strongest play, 1 the weakest. Anyone not listed is a 0. Now on to the projections.


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Fantasy Football Week 1 Projections

nfl.gifThe first week of the NFL season is the toughest to project, but even so there are some indicators and warning signs that can be heeded. We’ll go through the schedule and make suggestions and recommendations for each game and team. Let’s do it.

Thursday Night-

Colts vs Saints

For the Colts; Manning, Addai, Harrison, and Wayne are no brainers. You didn’t need me to tell you that. While the Colts have started out slow in the past, there is no reason to think they will struggle terribly offensively. For the Saints; Brees, Bush, and Colston should put up the numbers you drafted them for. I had McAllister last year, and he was a great last round investment. This year he scares me a little. As Reggie Bush matures in that offense he will see the ball more and more. Deuce may be a safe play this week, but I am keeping my eye on this situation. The key match-up here is Colts left tackle Tony Ugoth vs Saints DE Will Smith. Smith had 10.5 sacks last year and was invited to Hawaii. He puts pressure on Peyton in this game. Expect at least a sack from him. This game is a shootout. Fantasy points abound. Continue reading


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The NFL’s Mutants-The Tight End

Ozzie Newsome

Remember on the High School football team that guy who was about 6’5″ and 260 pounds. He was an offensive tackle right? Not in the NFL. That guy is a Tight End in today’s game. The hybrid player who is (in theory) part offensive lineman and part receiver. Many fantasy football leagues have drifted away from having a dedicated starting TE position to a WR/TE position. But some of you out there have to start a tight end every week. Today is especially for you on Halftime Adjustments. So without further adieu (not Freddy Adu, wrong footbol), let’s get rolling.

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No Pantyhose Here . . . A Look at the Quarterbacks

I guess that was a pretty obscure Joe Namath reference, huh? As Rick mentioned yesterday, the Running Back is the money position in the fantasy football realm, but if you don’t have three of the first ten picks in your league then you are going to want a solid Quarterback on that roster. We’ve done the legwork for you (you can thank us by engraving our names on your league trophy). Let’s get started: Continue reading


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Fantasy Football Preview…the Running Backs

You know how you go to a restaurant and they bring out some weak looking salad and lame piece of bread to start off your meal? Not here at Halftime Adjustments- we bring out the meat! Everyone knows that Running Back is the key position in fantasy football. If you aren’t getting production from your backs, you aren’t winning.

This week we offer up our fantasy draft preview. Today Running Backs, tomorrow pretty boys, I mean QB’s. Wednesday is for Wide Receivers, Thursday Tight ends, and Friday we will serve up a double decker with Defenses and Kickers. Continue reading

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