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Forget Derek Anderson and Jamal Lewis…

Without Rob Chudzinski, the Browns are in trouble.


Found this in the Plain Dealer today.

Browns offensive coordinator Rob Chudzinski will interview for the Baltimore Ravens head-coaching position, General Manager Phil Savage said Thursday. Chudzinski, in his first year with the Browns, helped develop the Cleveland offense into one of the best in the NFL. The Browns ranked eighth in the league with an average of 25.1 points and 351.3 yards per game. One reason for their success was quarterback Derek Anderson, who was fifth in the NFL with 29 touchdown passes.

The Browns’ success this season can be attributed to many things; a revamped and healthy offensive line, a solid running game led by Jamal Lewis, the improved play of Braylon Edwards, Kellen Winslow and of course Derek Anderson. But in my opinion, Rob Chudzinski was reason 1A that the Browns’ offense was a success. Continue reading


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Varejao signs contract with Bobcats

Anderson Varejao has inked a deal with the Charlotte Bobcats. The Cavs now have one week to match, or the wild-haired one is free to leave.


Credit Cleveland Sports Authority with the first scoop on this one. It seems the Bobcats have tendered a three year, $17.4 million dollar deal. The contract reportedly has an opt-out clause after 2 seasons. So the big question now, is whether or not the Cavaliers will match. $5.8 million per season is much higher than the Cavaliers have been offering their 6th man, but it also well short of the $8 million per that Anderson’s agent had offered the Cavs, and for half the years.

Do the Cavs have that much room left on the books? If they do, (and I imagine that would mean the mid-level exemption) it would be hard to imagine that they wouldn’t match. The Cavs can desperately use Varejao’s energy and defense. It is hard to imagine them as a Championship caliber team without him. He is a valuable piece, but not if he ties the Cavaliers’ hands for years to come. This deal seems to be the right amount. Let’s get it done and move on with the season.

Seems like the Charlotte Observer has an additional take on this story. Rick Bonnell seems to think this could be a favor for agent Dan Fegan to move the process along. Not that the Bobcats wouldn’t like to have Anderson, but it seems they are figuring the Cavs will indeed match.

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The rich getting richer

Buster Olney is reporting that “the framework for a deal” is being constructed between Boston and Minnesota. Here’s a hint- the Red Sox aren’t looking at Nick Punto.


As it is being reported, the deal is Johan Santana for Coco Crisp, Jon Lester, and minor leaguer Jed Lowrie. A fourth player is being discussed. Obviously, this deal would be dependent on Santana agreeing, and possibly reaching an extension with the Red Sox.

Seriously, do you think Santana says no to this trade? And Minnesota, is that the best you can fleece from Boston? They have been looking to dump Crisp, Jon Lester is a great story, but not a great pitcher, and how good could Jed Lowrie be that great if he couldn’t beat out the corpse they have at ss now?

Of course there is a chance this deal never gets done. If another team beats the Red Sox offer who do you think it will be? Right. The Yankees, who would have to dangle Phil Hughes and Melky Cabrera to entice the Twins away from Boston’s proposal. Either way, it looks very unlikely that Santana is pitching for the Twins again next year. If Boston lands the lefty, it looks like they have their one two punch set for a few years with Beckett and Santana, with Dice-K and Schilling rounding out the rotation. Continue reading


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Tribe signs Kobayashi!

Yes!!! Does this mean we get Nathan’s dogs at the Jake?


What…you mean there is another Kobayashi? Oh. Never mind. Continue reading


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Indians exercise option on Paul Byrd, Shapiro wins executive of the year

ESPN radio is reporting that the Indians have picked up the option on Paul Byrd. Byrd, Jow Borowski and Aaron Fultz all have club options that need to be decided upon this week. I would be surprised if all of those options didn’t get renewed by the Tribe.


More importantly, congrats are in order for Indians GM Mark Shapiro. At the GM meetings in Florida on Monday, Mark was given the Sporting News Baseball Executive of the Year award. It was his second, having won the award in 2005. We have always been impressed with Shapiro. He has made some gutsy moves in his tenure here. Some have not worked out, but on the whole he has turned the Indians into a winning club again. And he did it by changing the style of the team. Instead of assembling a team of sluggers, he has focused more on pitching. Shapiro knows that in order to win championships you have to have better pitching. Starting with the farm system, Shapiro has focused on pitching and stockpiling young arms. The result- probably the deepest staff in the majors. Continue reading


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Cavs add a pair of Hornets

Over the weekend the Cavs finally made their first move this off season. They signed free agent guard Devin Brown, and traded David Wesley to New Orleans for forward Cedric Simmons.


Brown is 28 years old and had many career highs last year, but that is not to say he was a steady performer. A bit streaky, Brown played in 58 games last year, starting 49 of those. He is not a 3 point threat, nor is he a fantastic point guard prospect. Brown was one of 3 players traded by the Jazz to Golden State for Derek Fisher, but was cut after training camp. He signed with New Orleans in December and finished out the year. Brown was on the ’04-’05 Spurs team that won a title. He played some significant minutes for the Spurs in the playoffs, particularly against the Lakers when he added 15 points and 6 boards coming off the bench. Continue reading

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Cavs are looking at who???

allan-houston.jpgESPN reports that the Cavs are talking to Alan Houston. Are you kidding me? The Celtics have reportedly been after Reggie Miller, at least he had a prime! Have the Cavs exhausted all other avenues here? Is Mark Price doing anything? I hope they talked to John Stockton first.

This move makes no sense to me. Try and talk me down. Talk me down man.

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