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Attention shoppers! Some meat may be tainted…


Here’s the report from the ESPN newswire…

Eleven current free agents will be named in former Senator George Mitchell’s report on steroids use in baseball and all 11 players have been notified by the commissioner’s office, The Boston Globe reported on its Web site Thursday afternoon.

The newspaper, citing two agents who attended Wednesday’s union meeting in New York, said the agents confirmed this news Thursday.

Jose Guillen, a free-agent linked to a Florida anti-aging clinic at the center of a federal investigation into illegal steroid sales, is one of the 11 players who allegedly bought steroids, The Globe reported.

Baseball team officials were told last month to be prepared for Mitchell, a former Senate Majority Leader and director of the Boston Red Sox, to issue his report by the end of the year.

Mitchell’s staff sent lawyers representing some players with ties to the BALCO investigation letters that notified them of the deadline, CBS News reported Wednesday, citing a lawyer who received the letter.

So…I think that any free agent signings might be delayed a bit. Would you sign someone right now? I understand if it was one of your guy, but I certainly wouldn’t touch a guy I didn’t know right about now. Continue reading

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I’m kind of numb right now…


Watching last night’s game was very painful. Kind of like last year’s National Championship game. I thought Sizemore’s rocket foul ball/could have been a home run might be a sign of good things to come. Kind of like Ginn’s kick return. In both instances I spent the next 3 hours getting punched in the gut. The Indians have one game to win. 172 games into the season, and if they don’t win today they are finished.

Now, ESPN is reporting about Paul Byrd and HGH use back in 2002. I don’t even want to talk about that today. I’ll post in the next week sometime concerning that issue. The more pressing trouble is a game 7 at Fenway Park. Here’s hoping the Indians get back on track today behind Jake Westbrook.

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Throwing a penalty flag on The Big Lead

Full disclosure first- I read The Big Lead. I’ve linked to the Big Lead. They even threw us a bone once with a link back to a Michigan post John wrote. But I have to call a foul. On two occasions in the past 10 days The Big Lead has ran posts that were nothing more than sensationalism, written to elicit comments and start rumors. The first had to do with a “University in Pennsylvania” that was allegedly about to suspend a number of its football players for a “Duke Lacrosse type situation.” It turns out the story didn’t come out until three days later, and involved members of the Millersville University football team. Of course there was much speculation as to who the team in question was going to be. To TBL’s credit they did say up front that Penn State and the major schools weren’t involved. So when they said Duke Lacrosse type situation, did they mean the nature of the crime, or that reports would come before facts were straight? Continue reading

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