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Carmen Ohio, a capella

Buckeye Commentary¬†brought to our attention that the Ohio State band did not travel to Penn State on Saturday. According to Buckeye lineman Kirk Barton the reason is because the last time the band went to Happy Valley, they were pelted with all types of objects, some that may have included human waste. Whether it is true or not, the band did not accompany the team, which led to an a capella version of the Alma Mater after this week’s big win. Continue reading

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“Overrated” Buckeyes down right offensive


Now that was quite a performance from the Buckeye offense. Touchdown drives of 80, 87 and 91 yards in that noisy stadium sure impressed me. 200 rushing yards, 253 passing yards against Conner and “Linebacker U”. Still not impressed? How about 0 punts? How about 12 for 16 on third down? Wow. Great game Buckeyes. I’ll have more analysis tomorrow, not to mention a guest spot over at My Jersey has no Name. Go Browns!

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Here’s hoping Tressel and the Buckeyes have to bust out Carmen Ohio after tonight’s game against Penn State! Go Buckeyes!!

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The bet is in, Halftime Adjustments vs There is No Name on My Jersey

The wager, part 2… is on!


There is no name on my jersey has agreed to put a guest post on the line for Saturday’s showdown in Happy Valley. We’ll be taking the Buckeyes and the top ranked defense in the nation. Even though snow isn’t in the forecast, expect white-out conditions at Beaver stadium. Throw the records out, this one will be a slug-fest. Go Buckeyes!

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A friendly wager part 2?

Yes Ohio State fans, I think we may have a recurring wager. This week the Buckeyes travel to Happy Valley to take on Penn State, and we are going to extend the post-swap wager with a Penn State site. After doing a little research for the What they are saying post, I have decided to offer the wager to For the glory of old state. The email has been sent. The gauntlet offered. Will they take the wager? Do they have confidence in their Lions? We shall see.

UPDATE: Still no word from For the glory… so I decided to extend the wager to Black Shoe Diaries. We will accept a bet from either of them, so first one to respond back gets the wager.

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What they are saying about Ohio State vs Penn State


Just thought we would do a little poking around the net and see what the nation is saying about the big game in Happy Valley this Saturday. Let’s start with those close to Penn State.

50 Yard Lion wrote a clever little song. Isn’t that nice.

Black Shoe Diaries thinks the player to watch out for is Brian Robiskie.

He has the ability to get behind our secondary. Fortunately they don’t have Troy Smith to run around for 30 seconds giving him a chance to get open.

There is no name on my jersey, which by the way is a great name for a Penn State blog, seems to be more concerned about the noise in the stadium, and the serious lack of port-a-potties. Let me say that the lack of places to relieve yourself will be a bigger problem than they anticipate because of the late kick-off. (UPDATE- apparently the name of the blog is for the glory of old state. Which is a little disappointing, but go there and tell me which name is more prominent…)

In the national media, Bruce Hooley writes there was a time when Jim Tressel wanted to coach for Joe Paterno. This is worth a look.

Yahoo sports has perhaps the most balanced analysis of the game.

Perhaps the article that is sure to get Buckeye fans fired up is from Fox Sports, which pleads…

For the sake of the national championship game, let’s all hope Ohio State loses to one of its weak sisters in the Big Ten in the next month. Because as things stand, it sure looks like we’re destined to watch a repeat of last season’s BCS championship game – top-ranked Ohio State getting blown out by a much more complete team.

Yep. Don Borst is the man that penned it. But let’s be honest, isn’t that the sentiment around the country? Personally, I don’t care what Don Borst wants. If the Buckeyes win the Big Ten, and they will have to go undefeated to do so, then they deserve the same respect given to the winners of the SEC or the Pac 10. If they are undefeated they will play for the title. And if they finish the job, I don’t want to see you, Mr. Borst try and boost your readership with a dynasty article. You are hereby on notice.

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