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How about this blockbuster trade?

Yeah, it’s a rumor, and not really a solid one, but hey…I can dream too!


Buster Olney reported today that there may be a surprise team in the Dan Haren lottery. Oh please, let it be true.

But there is an interesting sleeper in the Dan Haren sweepstakes: the Cleveland Indians, who clearly would have the prospects and the motive to finish a deal.

Cleveland is loaded with young starting pitchers who it could put in the deal, from Jeremy Sowers to Adam Miller to Aaron Laffey. And if the Indians become convinced that they are not going to be able to re-sign C.C. Sabathia, who is eligible for free agency after next season, they may view Haren as a low-cost replacement for Sabathia for 2009 and 2010 near the front of their rotation.

And with Haren in 2008, the Indians would field arguably the best rotation in the majors, assuming that Johan Santana doesn’t land with the Red Sox.

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Tribe Falters, Bucks Roll

cc hartline

ALCS game one, not pretty. C.C. had all kinds of control problems while Josh Beckett had a decent night giving up only 2 runs on 4 hits with 7 strikeouts. Sebathia only worked 4 and a third giving up 8 runs on 7 hits and 5 walks. So the Indians trail the Sox 1 game to none. Bottom line: it is one game in a long series, the Tribe has looked pretty good so far in the playoffs so I am not that worried. Continue reading


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Pronk Comes Through in the 11th

PronkBases loaded, 2 outs, bottom of the 11th with a 3-2 count and in steps Travis Hafner. Every kid dreams of this situation as he plays whiffle ball in the back yard. Travis was 2-6 on the night but saved the biggest at bat for last. Travis singled to left to drive home Lofton and take a 2 games to none lead over the Yankees in the ALDS.

The Tribe got an amazing performance from Carmona. He pitched 9 super innings giving up 1 run on only 3 hits and striking out 5 including A-Rod 3 times. Continue reading

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2007 ALDS Game 1- Indians vs Yankees

Major League Baseball in all of its wisdom has made the nation wait an extra day to start this series. Yes, I know Boston got to choose, but I am really not seeing the reasoning behind it. Wouldn’t it make sense to start one of the NL series today too? But that’s not why you’re here.

Chances are you want to find some words of hope about tonight’s game. Chances are you have been surfing the Internet the last few days and have found ‘expert’ after ‘expert’ predicting a Yankee series win. You’ve been bombarded with the stats. You’ve compared the line-ups. You know all about Joba Chamberlain. You’ve read 57 articles on why Joe Borowski will cost the Tribe the chance to play on. (I hope he has read them too- and I hope it ticked him off!)

You want me to tell you that the Indians can beat the Yankees. You want me to convince you that Cleveland’s hitters will not wilt under the pressure. You want me to remind you that good pitching beats good hitting. You need something…anything to lift your spirits before tonight’s first pitch.

Alright. First, watch this.

Now, about that encouragement. I believe the Indians will win. Great pitching beats good hitting every time. And the Indians have great pitching. C.C. Sabathia will set the tone tonight. Betancourt and Perez are rested and eager to go. The bats will come to life. We have two lead-off men. Sizemore at the top of the order, and Lofton in that 7 hole. It’s perfect. Even when the top of the order has struggled the past month, Lofton always gets us started at the bottom. He’ll draw a walk, or send one up the middle. Then he creates disorder. He makes fielders play out of position. He distracts pitchers. He gives Blake and Gutierrez fast balls to hit. Victor Martinez will get big hits. Travis Hafner will continue his hot streak. We will win. And then we can really celebrate!

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Advantage- Sabathia!

Sweet sweep! The Tribe beat Santana for the 4th time this season, in the process they get C.C. his 15th win. Sabathia wasn’t perfect, but labored and got the plays when he needed them. There were some nice defensive plays by Garko, Martinez, and Sabathia. Plus the Boy Wonder, Cabrera, played a good shortstop, and hit a two run homer off Santana in the first. Victor also homered in the 1st, and Lofton singled home a run as the Tribe batted around in the first. That would be all the runs we would need. Sabathia pitched 6 innings, giving up 2 runs, Jenson Lewis pitched a scoreless inning, Betancourt gave up a run in his inning, and Borowski got the save without surrendering a run.


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C.C. vs Santana…let’s get it on!

First off- I’m pumped that the Tribe has kept winning, and especially that we took the first two games in this series. That makes this match-up tonight more fun to watch, because honestly we all wanted 2 of 3 from Minnesota. Now that we have that, we can enjoy this even more.IN THE GREY CORNER- from Tovar, Venezula. Standing 6 feet tall and weighing 208 pounds. A dominating left hander with 2 CY Young Awards to his credit. He is 6th in the American League in wins with 14, and second in strike outs with 198. His era of 2.97 ranks him 2nd in the A.L. Against the Indians this year he is 0-3, with a 3.67 era. Quite possibly the best pitcher of the decade…Johan Santana…


AND IN THE WHITE CORNER- from Vallejo, California. He is 6-7, and weighs 290 pounds. This southpaw also has 14 wins and is 4th in the league with 174 strikeouts. His 3.38 era lands him in the top 10 in that category as well. His 3 complete games is second only to Halliday. Against the Twins this year he is 2-1 with a 1.66 era. This 27 year old goes for his 96th career victory tonight…Carsten Charles Sabathia!


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Yeah, heaven forbid we start a winning streak or something

schedule.gifDid someone forget to tell the Indians they had a game tonight? They didn’t show up until about the seventh inning. By then it was too late. It’s not worth wasting much effort to describe this ridiculous game. Apparently, the Tribe left Detroit thinking they had won the Central. THERE’S MORE BASEBALL TO PLAY MEN! C.C. had his usual inning of complete and utter non-concentration. What was odd is that he got Victor involved this time. In the fifth inning Sabathia hit Pena, then on a pitch that was exactly where Martinez wanted it, Victor simply missed the catch. It bounced off his mitt and sent the runner to second. Gathright, who was up there to bunt him to second took the opportunity to bunt him to third instead. Hmmm…imagine that, a sacrifice bunt executed called for and executed correctly. Runner on third with only one out, next batter hits a sacrifice fly to center. Second run crosses the plate. Ball game. Oh, we still had to play 3.5 more innings, but that essentially ended the game. Continue reading

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This just in…big game tonight

Just a reminder that there is a fairly important baseball contest in Detroit tonight. It seems that even the folks at ESPN have noticed.

The Indians send Carmona to the hill, while the Tigers give the ball to rookie Jerrjens once again. A sweep of the Tigers would put the Indians up 4.5 games. While that would be sweet, reality is that this will be a split series. If the Tribe takes two we will leave Detroit up 2.5 games. Much better than the alternative. Let’s go Tribe!

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Stop me if you’ve heard this one before…

The Indians blew an opportunity to gain ground on the Tigers today. sabathia2.jpgThey had a lead in the 10th inning and Borowski gave up a walk and consecutive hits to tie the game. All this after striking out the first two hitters. Fundamental baseball. You don’t walk the tying run on base. Problem was Borowski was warming up expecting to pitch in a tie game. He had mentally prepared for doom since he can’t get anybody out in non-save situations. Seriously, does anyone feel comfortable with him in the post-season? It makes me shudder. We still have to get there however, and today with C.C. on the mound we should have gained ground on the Tigers after they dropped 3 of 4 to the Yankees. You couldn’t have asked for a better scenario than that…and the Tribe blew it again. Continue reading

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Showdown in Motown

Detroit won last night, pulling to within 2 of the Tribe. The Indians had chances, but it just didn’t happen last night. So C.C. gets the ball tonight against Justin Verlander. Let’s go to the tale of the tape for this one-verlander.jpg

Justin Verlander

Age: 24

Height: 6’5″

Throws: Right

Stats: 9-3, 3.18 era, 90 K’s, 39 Walks, .213 BA against

C.C. Sabathiasabathia2.jpg

Age: 26

Height: 6’7″

Weight: 290

Throws: Left

Stats: 12-2, 3.20 era, 116 K’s, 17 Walks, .261 BA against

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Carmona rebounds with strong outing

carmona.jpgcarmona.jpgcarmona.jpgcarmona.jpgThat is the way put a crappy performance behind you. Fausto struck out 8 last night before getting in a bit of a jam in the 7th. His line- 6 innings, 2 runs (1 earned), 8K’s, 2 walks, and the W. Yes, it was against the Devil Rays, but it was a solid outing regardless. The Tribe completes the four game swcarmona.jpgcarmona.jpgeep, and moves to 2 games ahead of the Tigers in the Central.

So tonight the Indians begin a three game set with the striped cats in Motown. Should be a great series. Let’s hope the Indians remember to pack their A game with their uniforms this road trip. The Indians are 5-2 against Detroit, including a three game sweep in Michigan. (Yeah, that was a fun sentence to type.) Your pitching match-ups for the series…carmona.jpg

Tonight- Byrd vs Robertson 4-6, 4.82 era

Wednesday- Westbrook vs Rogers 2-0, 0.75 era

Thursday- Sabathia vs Verlander 9-3, 3.18 era

Looking at those match-ups I would say there is some pressure on Byrd tonight. Let’s hope he pitches well, and the Tribe jumps on Robertson like they did last time we saw him in Detroit.

Thought I would give you a little bit of my plans for the blog the rest of the week. In addition to covering the Indians, I’ll be trying to post something about the other 3 teams that I intend to cover in the blog. Up first will be the Cavs and what free agency is going to do to them, er what they are going to do in free agency. I’ll be looking at the Browns and trying to do an assessment of the team heading into training camp. Finally we’ll check in on the Buckeyes to see how they are going to fill holes left on the offensive side of the ball. That’s my goal, here’s hoping I accomplish it.

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Tribe wins again…how about those pitchers

The Indians beat Tampa Bay again yesterday, and it sounds like Cliff Lee had a great outing, probably his strongest of the year. (No, I didn’t get to watch this one.) Lee is not really a strikeout pitcher, but he racked up 9 yesterday. I have to say that with Sabathia looking like a world-beater, Westbrook and Lee looking like they are regaining form, and Byrd always giving us a chance to win- I think this is the best staff we have seen in the Jacob’s Field era. I left Carmona off intentionally. Let me explain that- I hate, (I’m using the word hate here) absolutely despise the idea of depending on a young pitcher to win games down the stretch. This is probably because of the Indians of ’95-’97.

Let’s break down the staffs.

nagy.jpg Continue reading

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