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Tribe takes game 1 vs Yankees

Indians 12 Yankees 3!


Just like we thought it would be! Alright not exactly. C.C. Sabathia struggled a little, but not the Tribe offense. Pumped up from the log wait, C.C. didn’t have his best command tonight. He was high in the strike zone an awful lot. He threw an ungodly amount of pitches. And I might add that the strike zone was pretty small tonight. But what he did was keep the Yankees in check. Though he went only 5 innings, he left the game with the lead, and pitched his way out of a couple of serious jams. Obviously, the 5th inning was the big one. With the bases loaded and one out, and a 3-0 count on Jorge Posada, Sabathia struck him out on high fastballs. Now, a Yankee fan would be quick to point out that the pitches Jorge swung at were more than likely balls. Yep. I’ll agree to that, with the exception of the first one. So what? Your guy swung at them. After a weak pop up by Matsui, the Tribe and C.C. had held strong.


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Running down the dream…

The magic number…

What I especially liked about tonight’s win over Oakland was the workman like way the Tribe approached the game. There could have been a letdown. Big series sweep, then a day off? Yeah, that’s a recipe for a trap game. But Fausto and the Indians handled their business and came away with the W. It was Carmona’s 18th for the season. He pitched well, though he gave up more walks than usual, which led to a higher pitch count early. He finished the sixth inning, giving up 5 hits, 1 run, striking out 7, and walking 4. A bigger story tonight might be that Rafael Perez gave up 2 runs. I guess he’s human after all. Continue reading

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Going, going, going, going…

The Indians all but burried the Tigers’ post-season plans with 4 homes runs, and a 7-4 victory on Tuesday night.


Ryan Garko hit the first one, a solo shot in the 2nd. Hafner’s 3-run blast in the 3rd tied the game, and Victor put the Tribe up for good in the 6th. Just for good measure, Franklin Gutierrez hit a 2 run insurance shot later that same inning. Continue reading


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Tribe takes care of business…next up Chicago


I’ll say this, they were efficient. The Indians scored 6 runs on 9 hits in beating the Angels 6-2. Aaron Laffey pitched well enough, and the bullpen continued it’s outstanding season by holding the Angels scoreless for 4 innings. The Tribe got big hits from Grady Sizemore and Ryan Garko, who hit a three run homer on an absolute hanger of a breaking ball from Jared Weaver. You knew that was going to be a homer by watching Garko’s eyes light up as the ball came near the plate. Seriously, that thing was a meatball and Garko drilled it. Continue reading

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Angels drop Tribe 10-3…Indians appear on Jim Rome Show

First the ugly- the Angels pounded out 15 hits and scored 10 runs against Paul Byrd and the Tribe relievers Thursday. As hot as the Indians have been, they were bound to have a game like this sooner or later. It was distressing to see the team whiff 12 times. We really need to cut down on our strikeout total. We had a chance in the 3rd to break the game open when Victor struck out with the bases loaded. He didn’t just strike out, he chased pitches way out of the strike zone to bail out Escobar who had walked 2 straight batters.


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Santana…sweet music to the Tribe

The Indians beat Minnesota yesterday 5-0. C.C. Sabathia got his 16th win of the season, pushing his record to 16-7. His era dropped to 3.24, close to his career best (3.22 last year). As good as Sabathia was yesterday, the real story was the Tribe getting to Santana once again.


(Come on, I haven’t used the Santana joke all year…)

This is one of those baseball oddities that is just hard to explain. Obviously Santana is one of the best pitchers in the league. He has a 3.14 era this year. He ranks 2nd in strikeouts, and 1st in whip. His record, if you take the Indians games out, is 14-6. But the Indians have beaten him 5 times this year. Putting it in perspective, the last time a reigning Cy Young winner lost to the same team 5 times was…well never. In fact, the Indians will probably be the reason that Santana doesn’t win the Cy Young this season. Had Santana pitched well enough to win 3 of his 6 games against the Tribe, he would have close to triple crown numbers this year (wins, era, strikeouts.) Continue reading

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Advantage- Sabathia!

Sweet sweep! The Tribe beat Santana for the 4th time this season, in the process they get C.C. his 15th win. Sabathia wasn’t perfect, but labored and got the plays when he needed them. There were some nice defensive plays by Garko, Martinez, and Sabathia. Plus the Boy Wonder, Cabrera, played a good shortstop, and hit a two run homer off Santana in the first. Victor also homered in the 1st, and Lofton singled home a run as the Tribe batted around in the first. That would be all the runs we would need. Sabathia pitched 6 innings, giving up 2 runs, Jenson Lewis pitched a scoreless inning, Betancourt gave up a run in his inning, and Borowski got the save without surrendering a run.


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