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James, Varejao return, Hughes stars

When we signed Larry Hughes back in ’05, this was the kind of performance we hoped to see.


This one was over before it started. Actually, it wasn’t over until the Cavs’ trio of LeBron James, Larry Hughes and Andy Varejao took the court with 6 minutes to go in the first quarter. Then the rout was on. The Cavs slashed, dished and shot their way to a 118-105 victory, that really wasn’t that close. Larry Hughes led the way with 36 points on 13 of 17 shooting, including 5 of 8 from deep. He played only 26 minutes, but was very effective in his time on the floor. Hughes was free to roam the court playing a true shooting guard in his minutes tonight. According to coach Mike Brown, that is the role Hughes will play from now on. In fact, Brown said he intends to bring Hughes off the bench. Certainly he has the ability to energize the team and provide a boost coming off the bench. Now, let’s not get crazy and think that he will shoot 76% and score 30+ every night, but if he can provide that 15-20 point lift, especially when LeBron is resting this team is dangerous.

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Kidd out with migraine (wink, wink, nudge, nudge)

Pat saw this report today and passed it along to me. Very interesting.


The original report comes from Yahoo Sports. The article insinuates that Jason Kidd, who didn’t play in New Jersey’s game yesterday against the Knicks, sat out not because of a headache as is being reported, but because he is angry with management for not building a championship caliber team. Apparently Jason would like to be traded, more specifically, to be traded in order to play with LeBron.

There was no migraine headache holding Jason Kidd out of the New Jersey Nets’ loss to the New York Knicks Wednesday night, but a superstar sending a message to a floundering franchise that he’s irate with management and teammates, several league sources told Yahoo! Sports.

As the Nets flew back to New Jersey late Tuesday from a victory over Cleveland, sources said Kidd already had decided he would be sitting out against the Knicks in the Meadowlands. Kidd didn’t tell Nets officials until Wednesday afternoon, but several people inside and outside the organization were made aware of the meaning behind his sick day.

Kidd’s agent, Jeff Schwartz, isn’t believed to have formally demanded a trade, but Wednesday’s bold act could be the precursor to starting that process. Two sources said Kidd has been a constant text messaging partner with LeBron James since playing with him this summer on Team USA and that the Cavaliers are his preferred destination.

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LeBron injured, Cavs embarrassed

Everyone cross your fingers. Wait…not you LeBron, you rest yours.


LeBron James injured the index finger on his non-shooting hand in the second quarter of last night’s game against the Pistons. He played only 20 minutes of the game, but still managed to lead the team in scoring (15) and assists (3). Ouch. Final score, Detroit 109, Cleveland 74.

This is one the Cavs will forget about. Assuming James is alright of course. Without James the Cavs were sunk. In all honesty, they were in for an uphill battle before he went out. Playing their 4th game in 5 days, and immediately after an emotional OT game against the Celtics, LeBron was going to have to carry the team anyways. This is one of those games that if you were a gambler would have won you some serious money. The writing was on the wall for this one. I’d have taken the Pistons, the under, and if someone would take the bet, the under on Zydrunas matching his season averages. Continue reading


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Now that’s more like it!

The Celtics came into Cleveland with the league’s best record. They ran into a Cavs team determined to remind them who the defending conference champs are.


This was a truly great game. Both teams made runs, and each had big baskets or defensive stops to keep the game within reach. Back and forth they went. The Cavs won the first period, the Celtics roared back in the second. The Cavs came out strong in the third, then lost the lead in the fourth. They made a serious run with about 5 minutes left in the game, only to see Boston storm back to take the lead again. In the final minute Ray Allen missed on two free throws after Sasha nailed a huge three in the corner. LeBron held for a final shot, but missed sending the game to the OT.

This was one of those games that anyone could have won. Had it gone a few minutes longer I’m sure the Celtics would have made another run to tie it, or take the lead. But the clock ran out on Boston, and the Cavs came away with only the second win against the Celtics this season, 109-104.

LeBron was his usual, pouring in 38 points including 11 in the extra frame. He had a team high 13 assists to go along with 4 boards, 2 steals and 2 huge blocks. The story of the game however was Drew Gooden. Gooden had 24 points and 13 rebounds, but absolutely caught fire in the 3rd with 16 points on only 8 attempts. He grabbed some huge rebounds (5 to be exact) for the Cavs in the overtime as well. Continue reading


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MVP or bust

LeBron had his 4th triple double of the year, and his second in as many nights.


The scary part is that he didn’t even seem to be giving his best effort. In the end his 30 point, 11 board, 10 assist performance was good enough to lead the Cavs to their 3rd straight win, and 4th in 5 games. The Pacers were outmatched without star Jermaine O’Neal, who missed his third game with a knee injury. But despite the disadvantage, the Pacers nearly stole this one.

While LeBron was on the bench resting (wait, stop me if you’ve heard this one before), the Cavs surrendered the 10 point lead they had. LeBron returned to take control of the game. LeBron didn’t shoot particularly well, especially from behind the arc where he was 1-6. But the offense ran through him, especially after Gibson picked up his 6th foul and ejection following a technical after only 15 minutes. Continue reading


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Not to sound like a broken record or anything…

This by the way is not a foul in the NBA.


The refs determined that this was a jump ball. Really? Jump ball? I can see that Turkoglu is in fact touching the ball. I’ll give you that. Seems to me that the guy draping himself over LeBron with a knee in his back might have actually fouled him while trying to tie up the ball. But hey, what do I know right?

I do know that LeBron had his third triple double of the season. 39 points, 13 rebounds and 14 assists. He hit three monster free throws to send the game into overtime. I know that he made a tremendous jump shot to get the lead in the OT period.

I also know that for a change someone else had a hot hand. Daniel Gibson didn’t miss all night. 5-5 for the evening, including 4-4 from deep. I only know that from the box score. See I didn’t get to start watching the game until a few minutes were left in regulation. So I actually didn’t see Gibson shoot the ball. I saw Sasha miss 3 shots. But never laid eyes on Gibson with the ball in his hands. Now, I’m not a coach in the NBA, but it would seem to me that perhaps a play should have been designed to get Gibson the ball, seeing as how he hadn’t missed a shot all night. Continue reading


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Running on empty…

6 games in 9 days caught up to the Cavs last night, who simply ran out of gas.


After a good win against the Clippers, the Cavs were spent when they arrived in Denver. Obviously the Nuggets played well. Allen Iverson was shooting the roof off the building, Carmelo got his and J.R. Smith came off the bench for 29. Those three accounted for 88 points. For the Cavs’ starters it was LeBron with 27 and (crickets chirp) nobody.

It didn’t help that Larry Hughes was ejected after arguing about fouls after 4 minutes. Daniel Gibson was abused in the post, and once again found himself in foul trouble (a disturbing trend early this season). Zydrunas was playing with lead weights around his legs, after playing 39 minutes in LA. I’m telling you, we cannot play Z this many minutes a game. The injury watch is on for Z. Continue reading

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