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How about this blockbuster trade?

Yeah, it’s a rumor, and not really a solid one, but hey…I can dream too!


Buster Olney reported today that there may be a surprise team in the Dan Haren lottery. Oh please, let it be true.

But there is an interesting sleeper in the Dan Haren sweepstakes: the Cleveland Indians, who clearly would have the prospects and the motive to finish a deal.

Cleveland is loaded with young starting pitchers who it could put in the deal, from Jeremy Sowers to Adam Miller to Aaron Laffey. And if the Indians become convinced that they are not going to be able to re-sign C.C. Sabathia, who is eligible for free agency after next season, they may view Haren as a low-cost replacement for Sabathia for 2009 and 2010 near the front of their rotation.

And with Haren in 2008, the Indians would field arguably the best rotation in the majors, assuming that Johan Santana doesn’t land with the Red Sox.

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This just in…

Today while fishing around the interwebs, I came across this Cavs story by Brian Windhorst. I came across the story because ESPN’s rumor mill had a link today reporting that the Cavs have a better shot at trading for Andre Miller than Jason Kidd. So to recap, ESPN reported today (Monday the 10th) what Windhorst (who is paid handsomely to follow the Cavs) reported on Friday the 7th, which is what we reported on Thursday the 6th.

As I was looking into the numbers and rumors, it seems that Andre Miller’s name has surfaced a few times. To acquire Miller the Cavs could give Shannon Brown and Eric Snow. That trade works on the ESPN trade machine. It would give the Sixers a vet point guard, and a young player in return for Miller. Who knows, that trade probably has a better chance of being made than the Kidd one. Not that Andre Miller is close to Jason Kidd’s talent, but still better than what we have running the point.

Seriously, I’ll write for the Beacon Journal for $50 grand and a press pass.

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Kidd out with migraine (wink, wink, nudge, nudge)

Pat saw this report today and passed it along to me. Very interesting.


The original report comes from Yahoo Sports. The article insinuates that Jason Kidd, who didn’t play in New Jersey’s game yesterday against the Knicks, sat out not because of a headache as is being reported, but because he is angry with management for not building a championship caliber team. Apparently Jason would like to be traded, more specifically, to be traded in order to play with LeBron.

There was no migraine headache holding Jason Kidd out of the New Jersey Nets’ loss to the New York Knicks Wednesday night, but a superstar sending a message to a floundering franchise that he’s irate with management and teammates, several league sources told Yahoo! Sports.

As the Nets flew back to New Jersey late Tuesday from a victory over Cleveland, sources said Kidd already had decided he would be sitting out against the Knicks in the Meadowlands. Kidd didn’t tell Nets officials until Wednesday afternoon, but several people inside and outside the organization were made aware of the meaning behind his sick day.

Kidd’s agent, Jeff Schwartz, isn’t believed to have formally demanded a trade, but Wednesday’s bold act could be the precursor to starting that process. Two sources said Kidd has been a constant text messaging partner with LeBron James since playing with him this summer on Team USA and that the Cavaliers are his preferred destination.

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One deal made, one deal dead

Yesterday was a busy day at the baseball winter meetings. Unfortunately for the Tribe, ‘busy’ does not mean ‘good’.


The Tigers pulled off the trade of the year, getting 24 year old Miguel Cabrera and 25 year old Dontrelle Willis. Both players have won a World Series, and both have multiple all-star appearances. The Tigers parted with two of the top prospects in all of baseball, Cameron Maybin and Andrew Miller, and four other minor leaguers.

The Indians in the meantime were rumored to be working on that Jason Bay deal. Well, reports from ESPN’s Jerry Crasnick aren’t good-

You can rule out any talk of Pittsburgh trading Jason Bay to Cleveland for a Kelly ShoppachCliff Lee package. That one is dead. Bay is Pirates GM Neal Huntington‘s main trade chip, and the Bucs aren’t going to give him away after he’s coming off such a down year. Continue reading


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Winter meetings are certainly not boring…

The latest trade rumor to come from the winter meetings in Nashville is being reported by Peter Gammons. It involves the Tigers and the Marlins. The proposed deal is for Miguel Cabrera and Dontrelle Willis. The Marlins would get a plethora of prospects in this package. Can you imagine that offense? Start with Granderson and Polanco, then hit Ordonez, Cabrera and Sheffield. Wow. That is serious power. Scary power. And if Willis can return to form, that would be a significant improvement to the rotation. I guess we’ll have to pay more attention to this one as the meetings continue.


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Indians continue to pursue Jason Bay

We’ve mentioned this before, but it seems that talks are heating up at the winter meetings between the Indians and the Pittsburgh Pirates. The names involved for the Indians are Cliff Lee and Kelly Shoppach. This report is from Here is one from (scroll down to 3:09).

As I said previously, I would give up Lee and Shoppach for Bay. He is certainly worth that type of investment. If that deal is made I wonder what might happen to the surplus of outfielders we have? Certainly there would be no need for Nixon, Michaels, Gutierrez and Francisco. I would assume that Franklin has the upper hand for the RF job. Perhaps you keep Michaels around for his experience? I would say that Nixon and his salary would be more likely to be released. Ben Francisco would probably start the season at Buffalo. Here’s hoping Shapiro can get this deal done. Maybe he throws Michaels in the deal and gets a prospect in return? Keep an eye on this one.

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The rich getting richer

Buster Olney is reporting that “the framework for a deal” is being constructed between Boston and Minnesota. Here’s a hint- the Red Sox aren’t looking at Nick Punto.


As it is being reported, the deal is Johan Santana for Coco Crisp, Jon Lester, and minor leaguer Jed Lowrie. A fourth player is being discussed. Obviously, this deal would be dependent on Santana agreeing, and possibly reaching an extension with the Red Sox.

Seriously, do you think Santana says no to this trade? And Minnesota, is that the best you can fleece from Boston? They have been looking to dump Crisp, Jon Lester is a great story, but not a great pitcher, and how good could Jed Lowrie be that great if he couldn’t beat out the corpse they have at ss now?

Of course there is a chance this deal never gets done. If another team beats the Red Sox offer who do you think it will be? Right. The Yankees, who would have to dangle Phil Hughes and Melky Cabrera to entice the Twins away from Boston’s proposal. Either way, it looks very unlikely that Santana is pitching for the Twins again next year. If Boston lands the lefty, it looks like they have their one two punch set for a few years with Beckett and Santana, with Dice-K and Schilling rounding out the rotation. Continue reading


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Indians report- Sizemore honored, trade possibilities?

First thing- Congrats to Grady Sizemore on winning his first ever Rawlings Gold Glove Award.


Grady makes the routine plays, and every once in a while makes the impossible one. I think he has earned a Gold Glove. There are those in the media (I would link to the Rob Neyer article for ESPN, but it’s an insider piece) who apparently don’t think that Grady does, and they have used his mis-play of a ball in the Boston series as evidence. What a great argument. One time he didn’t get to a ball and make the ‘Gold Glove’ catch. Over the course of the season, Grady makes more of those plays than most other fielders. I’m not going to say that there could be others out there who would be as deserving, but hey, one went our guy’s way. Good job Grady.

Some interesting names coming up in trade rumors. The big name everyone is talking about of course is Miguel Cabrera. Rumors have him involved in trades to the Yankees, White Sox, and Tigers. The Marlins have typically been asking for the moon for their guys (like D-Train Willis) and I suppose it wouldn’t surprise me if he began the season in Florida again.  A more realistic possibility after the jump. Continue reading


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Cavs add a pair of Hornets

Over the weekend the Cavs finally made their first move this off season. They signed free agent guard Devin Brown, and traded David Wesley to New Orleans for forward Cedric Simmons.


Brown is 28 years old and had many career highs last year, but that is not to say he was a steady performer. A bit streaky, Brown played in 58 games last year, starting 49 of those. He is not a 3 point threat, nor is he a fantastic point guard prospect. Brown was one of 3 players traded by the Jazz to Golden State for Derek Fisher, but was cut after training camp. He signed with New Orleans in December and finished out the year. Brown was on the ’04-’05 Spurs team that won a title. He played some significant minutes for the Spurs in the playoffs, particularly against the Lakers when he added 15 points and 6 boards coming off the bench. Continue reading

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Cavaliers Add A Matrix????

With rumors of Shawn Marion wanting out in Phoenix, every fan of every NBA team is dreaming of what an asset Marion can add to their team. Especially fans of the defending Eastern Conference Champs, Cleveland Cavaliers.


Considering Cavaliers GM Danny Ferry has not done much of anything (only getting rid of Scott Pollard) during this off-season, it is fun to dream what could happen. Having hoped for the Cavs to land Mike Bibby since last February, now there is a new hope; Shawn Marion. This would give Cleveland another legitimate scorer, rebounder, contributor and a great asset to LeBron James. Teams would no longer be able to sit back and wait on LeBron if there were another player such as Marion wearing the Wine and Gold. Continue reading

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#7 comes home

031_5128kenny-lofton-cleveland-indians-posters.jpgDon’t have much time to post, but it has been made official that Kenny Lofton is coming back to the Indians in exchange for minor league catcher Max Ramirez. Ramirez is a fine prospect, but certainly is playing a position that is seemingly blocked with Martinez and Shoppach. Word is that Lofton would be available for duty even tonight starting the Twins series. Whether he plays left or right field, my question is where does he hit? Do you lead him off? Do you bat him second? How does this line-up look-

cf- Grady Sizemore, lf Kenny Lofton, c Victor Martinez, dh Travis Hafner, 1b Ryan Garko, 3b Casey Blake, ss Jhonny Peralta, rf Jason Michaels (platoon), 2b Josh Barfield

Do you leave Blake in the 2 hole? I would hear the argument that we should leave Blake alone because he is having a decent year. I think Lofton would be a better 2 hitter than Casey. Honestly, I wouldn’t mind seeing Lofton in the lead-off spot and put Grady in the 2 spot. Bottom line- this trade should only be the begining of the moves. We now have at least one too many outfielders. One should be traded. To be continued…

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